How Important Are Safety Surfaces for Playgrounds?

It goes without saying that the school or nursery playground is a well-known area where children can slip, trip and fall and where serious injury can occur. As schools and nurseries become more health and safety conscious the requirement for safety surfacing is on the increase and this can dramatically reduce the number of injuries caused by a child falling […]

The Home Buying Process

Many a home buyer has wondered in the midst of their looking chaos- Is this how it is done because this is exasperating? Well to help buyers figure out that the information overload age need not apply to them when looking for and in buying a house, we have detailed the Buying Process for better peace of mind and less […]

Stone Tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte

The Pre-Christian era, which began in the 2nd century BC, has been a significant period in world history. It brought the development of writing and influenced many other civilizations including the Romans, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. At this time period, the most important fine art forms were those of Greek art, such as the portrait paintings and the sculptor’s skills. […]

Should You Co-Sign on Someone’s Student Loans?

Unlike other forms of consumer debt, student loans receive special protections under current laws ranging from collection to bankruptcy. This special status applies not only to the primary borrower (the student) but also to any co-signer on the loan. Student loans are one of the hardest types of debt to shake. Current U.S. bankruptcy law allows a court to discharge […]