5 Important Tips For Buying Tungsten Rings

Whether browsing the web or your local mall for tungsten rings and other tungsten jewelry, it’s easy to get caught up and forget to be cautious. Any web or store vendor you go to will tell you that their products are the best and that you have no need to worry about anything, but are they being honest, or is it all a sales pitch to get you to purchase something of low quality? Here’s a list of 5 important things I try to keep in mind when I go looking for the best in quality:

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There’s a huge difference between a tungsten alloy ring and a tungsten carbide ring. How huge? If you’re expecting a hard as diamond tough as nails piece of jewelry, make sure it’s tungsten carbide. Tungsten alloys are softer and will scratch much more easily, meaning you’ll lose your polish much sooner clearance tungsten rings. If you find yourself at a vendor that either doesn’t know the difference or won’t tell you, play it on the safe side and get out. There are lot’s of quality places out there who will.

Cobalt is a common additive for many metal alloys, and there are plenty of manufacturer’s that try to cut corners by adding it to tungsten jewelry. In this case, that’s an extremely bad thing. If there’s any cobalt in the ring your skin will develop this greenish rash that will be very unsightly and really uncomfortable. That’s because cobalt will react with the oils in your skin. If the manufacturer isn’t upfront about their cobalt policy, hit the road and get yourself to someplace better at once!

Nickel is another common additive that people like to bring to the mix in order to reduce cost. Nickel isn’t nearly as bad as cobalt – it won’t react with your skin at all. However, it does weaken the tungsten a bit, meaning that your indestructible ring really isn’t so tough any more. Will it hold up to most stresses? Most likely yes. It is a risk I’d take when purchasing an item known for its lifelong endurance? Definitely not.

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