5 Sure-Fire Ways To Eliminate Crow’s Feet

The outer corners of your eyes will eventually sport crow’s feet. The problem with the eye area is that it is very much susceptible to the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Its thin structure allows toxins to seep in the layers of your skin easily and to allow damages to happen irrevocably.

But don’t worry. With the following anti aging ways, you can eliminate crow’s feet 펄안마:

1. Make a mask out of gelatine, pearl powder and papaya juice. Just mix these ingredients together. Apply the mixture all over the eye area. Your skin should be devoid of chemical products or make-up residues. Let this mask stay there for about an hour before washing it off with lukewarm water. This treatment should be used three to four times a week for best results.

What makes gelatine an ideal anti aging ingredient is its natural keratin component. It can help regenerate collagen fibers. Pearl powder also contains keratin. Papaya contains a hefty amount of beta carotene. This can repair damaged skin tissues and cells.

2. Fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes can also be eliminated through the help of acupressure massage. Use your index fingers and knead the pressure areas around your eyes. More often than not, muscle strain and constricted blood vessels can speed up the appearance of wrinkles. Prevent this from happening by massaging the dermis. Use a circular motion when massaging.

3. Exercise daily. According to experts, poor circulation can speed up the appearance of wrinkles in the thin-skinned areas of your body. Your body should easily distribute blood and fluid to its thin-skinned parts. You can help your body do that through exercise.

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