A Diverse Shopping Experience In Sukhumvit

Sukhumvit is one of the major roads in Bangkok; its urban and sophisticated outlook is the exact opposite of the historic and spiritual side of Bangkok that is exemplified in its numerous temples and palaces. The prominent feature of this area is that despite the seemingly Western clothes or items on offer it retains a distinct Thai character. Sukhumvit Road’s many by lanes and streets are called “Soi”s and are numbered in an ascending order. Differently numbered Soi’s are known for offering a different kind of shopping experience.

Sukhumvit’s shopping experience is as vibrant as it is diverse; certain areas are no more than flew markets while others are home to luxury brands and large shopping malls. The smaller roadside vendors ply items as counterfeit designer clothes ware, pirated CD’s, perfume, electronics equipment and even haircuts. Almost anything can be bought in Sukhumvit and once night falls these shopping districts sometimes double up for less salubrious commercial dealings! 레플리카

As far as up-market shopping is concerned a number of shopping malls can be found on Sukhumvit Road, they are mostly frequented by tourists and affluent Thais. Many such stores have famous well renowned tenants such as Hugo Boss, Gucci, Prada and Armani, another interesting feature of these malls is that they also have Japanese department stores.

Among these shopping malls one of the newer and more sophisticated malls is the Siam Paragon, where the concept of shopping has been mixed with relaxation and entertainment. The mall features car showrooms, an elegant food court, designer brands, a large aquarium and a multitude of water fountains. Another popular shopping mall in Sukhumvit is the Emporium which has a department store, a number of luxury designer brands, a food court and a cinema complex.

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