Acid Cabinet Solutions – How to Store Sulfuric, Hydrochloric Or Nitric Acids Safely

Acids have very special storage requirements. Traditional safety storage cabinets made of stainless steel just won’t do when it comes to storing acids. That’s because acids eat right through stainless steel. And that’s not all.

If you have acids, including sulfuric, hydrochloric, or nitric acids at your facility, you know that you need to store them safely. Acids are highly dangerous, and their fumes are toxic. In addition, you cannot store certain acids together or you risk huge problems.

What is an appropriate acid cabinet?

And, of course, you already know that safety cabinets made out of metal won’t be the solution. So what should you get instead?

Instead, you need high density polyethylene acid storage cabinets that are especially designed for storing acids and include all the usual safety features. If you get high quality acid cabinets, you’ll find that they are outstanding in resisting acid vapors and, of course, acid spills.

There are a range of those cabinets available to suit every need. If you don’t have large amounts of acids to store, you may be able to fit them all into a bench-top model that holds just 4 gallons.

For larger acid storage needs, there are acid cabinets that fit under the counter and hold 22 gallons. Finally, you may want to opt for the full-size cabinet, which holds 44 gallons. You may appreciate that it has independent top and bottom compartments.

Why is choosing the right acid cabinet so important?

Acids are extremely dangerous. For starters, they’re extremely corrosive and they pose great danger to your employees. Both hydrochloric acid and nitric acid are quite volatile and produce vapors that are poisonous.

What’s more, you shouldn’t store Acidaburn nitric acids and sulfuric acids together. If you have a full-size cabinet, you can use the top level for one kind and the bottom level for the other since those levels are completely self-contained and separated from each other. Otherwise, you may want to get separate acid cabinets to keep them apart.

In order to be clearly different from other safety cabinets, an acid cabinet has a different color — either blue or white. That way, anyone who comes near it will be warned to stay clear or use extreme caution.

Having your acids under lock and key also provides additional safety from unauthorized handling or theft. You’ll also be able to maintain strict inventory control.

As you’re shopping for your acid cabinet, be sure to stick with reputable vendors, who will help you select the cabinet that’s right for you. You’ll also know that any cabinets they recommend will meet all the required safety standards and have any and all safety features you have come to expect from quality safety cabinets.

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