Beginners Weight Training Guide For Strength

If you are taking your first tentative steps into weightlifting, no matter what the reason may be for, it can be daunting and quite off putting. Why not try out a beginner’s weight training guide to support your goals?

Imagine you’re visiting the gym for the first time not really knowing how to construct a workout and what are the best exercises to carry out. Also the unnerving sight of seeing big muscle bound men grunting as they lift weights heavier than you are, not what you would imagine as a comfortable time.

Now you could talk to people at the gym or maybe pay for a personal trainer, maybe even just go it alone and try your best to achieve your goals or you could just follow the simple beginners Mellitox weight training guide below.

Beginners weight training guide

As a beginner it must be said that you should not really start by training many days a week, three days a week is enough.

When training you should split the three sessions down into muscle groups, this will help you get the most out of your workouts. Below are the ideal muscle group workouts and the reasons why.

Chest and Triceps – The Triceps are a secondary muscle group to the chest, this means when lifting weights utilizing the chest you are also using the Triceps too.

Shoulders and Legs – Training shoulders on their own is a great way to improve size and strength. We add the leg session in with the shoulders to give a complete workout and so you don’t have to train your legs on a separate day.

Back and Biceps – The Biceps are a secondary muscle group to the back, this means when lifting weights utilizing the back you are also using the Biceps too.

Please note that you should leave time between sessions for your body to recover as your body will not be used to weight training regularly. The best way to carry out training as a beginner is to train on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays so you adequate rest periods.

The initial twelve weeks should see your muscles increase in strength, size and endurance providing you with the biological tools to start building further.

After carrying out the beginner’s weight training guide for around twelve weeks you should be in a position to start increasing the amount of days you train per week to four, then slowly to five.

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