Bordered Carpets – Grace Your Sole and Please Your Senses

Since time immemorial, the tradition of honouring dignitaries and celebrities with carpet has been in practice. Welcoming someone with red carpet is considered among the highest official honour even now. Such is the importance carpets hold! From the court room of ancient kings, through the official residents of higher authorities, carpets have got an access to the house of general public. We have now even bordered carpets, adorning every household, making it attractive and inviting.

Psychologically speaking, whenever we look at a thing, no doubt its centre arrests our attention first. But the second part that attracts our attention is the edge, the border. Probably here lies the concept behind bordered carpets. Thin or thick lines: sometimes vinyl floor tiles straight, sometimes snaky, along with the border of something really add attraction to it. And bordered carpets are no exception!

Carpets are meant to grace the sole of our feet and certainly they do this duty. But in present context, narrowing down the purpose of carpeting to this level will be an act of shutting up ones eyes away from reality. Simple solutions like red carpets are fit only for special occasions, to be rolled out on the passage through which a VIP is going to arrive at a venue. Other carpets carry equal importance as a beautifying accessory.

Bordered carpets are as fit for offices as they are for home. Long corridors to narrow rooms, they are capable of adorning any space. Being available in a number of shape and design, they offer matching option for every place. Sometimes it may look incongruous to cover a vast area with one carpet. So, it will be a nice idea to put two smaller carpets in a comparatively bigger room. It is also possible to decorate a room with bordered carpets matching the design of sofa. This is possible because of the endless option in design and size offered by these carpets.

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