Characteristics of The Soul

A human being has a character. Some people are very active. Some people are very quiet. Some people are very humorous. Some people are very serious. A soul has its own character. From my personal experience, I would like to share my insights on the main characteristics of the soul:

* Your soul (which I also call your body soul to distinguish it from other souls, such as the souls of your organs) is independent. A human being has a soul, mind, and body. They are separate but united. They are separate because they are independent. They are united because they reside in the same body and communicate with one another.

* Souls have consciousness and intelligence. They have awareness. They think. They analyze. They learn. They have likes and dislikes. One person may like to travel. Another may love food. You may like to read. Someone else may like sports. A soul has its own likes and dislikes, which it has developed over hundreds or even thousands of lifetimes. To help balance and harmonize your soul, mind, and body, it is important to know your soul’s likes and dislikes.

* Souls have emotions. A soul can be happy, peaceful, sad, fearful, or upset.

* Souls have incredible wisdom. After 抑鬱症催眠 you open your spiritual communication channels, you will be able to consult with your soul. You will be amazed to learn how much your soul knows. Your soul is one of your best consultants and guides.

* Souls have great memory. A soul can remember experiences from all of its lifetimes. For example, you may travel somewhere for the first time but clearly feel you are familiar with that place. You may feel like you were there before. Some places make you happy. Some places make you scared. You may have had past-life experiences in those places. Your soul has memories of those experiences. Therefore, you have special feelings at those particular places.

* Souls have flexibility. Walk toward a corner of your room. When you reach the corner, you will have nowhere else to go. You have to turn around to move farther. In life, many times you could be stuck in a situation like a corner. You must turn around to get unstuck and move farther. This teaches us to realize the importance of flexibility. There is a famous statement from ancient times: hua you san shuo, qiao shuo wei miao. The essence of this statement is: There are three ways to say something. Find the best way in the moment. This tells us there is flexibility in speaking every sentence. Therefore, there is flexibility in every aspect of life. Your beloved soul has profound wisdom, knowledge, and experience from hundreds of lifetimes. Your soul has great flexibility. Make sure you use the strength of your soul’s flexibility to deal with your life.

* Souls communicate with other souls naturally. Your body soul communicates with other souls naturally. People often talk or dream about a soul mate. When you meet some people, you may instantly feel love. You may feel there is something special between you. The reason for this is that your souls were close in past lives. Your souls could have been communicating for many years before you met physically.

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