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Cherries health benefits are one of the most talked about themes in food health and nutrition. Not only are health enthusiasts beginning to recognize the marvelous benefits that cherries can offer with just a few servings a day, but consumers are also beginning to catch on and embrace the trend. Today, many cherry-based products line supermarket shelves from Europe to the USA and this can only be attributed to the increased awareness for cherries health benefits.

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To understand and appreciate the extent of cherries health benefits, it is important to look at this from the aspect of both prevention and healing which are two of the areas in health that cherries are recognized stars.

Disease Prevention. All the product labels would tell you that cherries have no actual therapeutic claim but that does not mean cherries are not able to contribute to fostering health and preventing illness. In studies conducted by some of the world’s leading institutions, the antioxidants in cherries are known to help lower the risk for cancers and many other diseases.

Two types of antioxidants that are known to play a role in cancer prevention are quieritrin and ellagic acid. The first is known as a very aggressive cancer fighting antioxidant which plays a direct role in combating the formation and growth of cancer cells chery Mỹ. The second is a phenolic anti-carcinogenic compound which works by combating cellular mutations which often trigger the onset of cancer.

In general, the disease-prevention characteristics of this small fruit which pave the way for a myriad of cherries health benefits is made possible by its generous dose of substances that are essential to a fully functioning body. When antioxidants are abundant for example, the body can take on a more proactive approach in cleansing itself from toxins and other disease vectors rather than only responding to an illness that has already set in. A regular diet containing cherries, therefore, lowers the risk for many of these diseases like heart ailments, age-related degenerative conditions, as well as promoting healthier body functions like normal sleep and better digestion.

Disease Treatment. Cherries are not medicines per se but the substances contained in them can have a healing effect on many serious health conditions. The most important of cherries health benefits in this area is with regard to cherries and arthritis. Anthocyanins and bioflavonoids in this fruit help manage and treat inflammatory symptoms which are the underlying cause of arthritis. As a result, arthritis patients who regularly consume cherries report significant improvements in both pain severity and attack frequency.

Another area where cherries health benefits are evident is in the management of migraines. Again, anthocyanins and bioflavonoids are at work in these situations. The anti-inflammatory benefits of both compounds normalize blood flow in the brain soothing migraine attacks and lowering the likelihood of frequent migraine episodes.

To take advantage of these benefits, nutritionists recommend getting at least 2 servings of cherries per day. During the summer months just after the cherry season, this fresh fruit is widely abundant and available in supermarket shelves. Farther into the year when fresh cherry supplies are limited, one can always have substitutes consisting of cherry juice and concentrate and even cherry pills. This way, one always has access to valuable cherry products regardless of the time of year.

So, how do you plan to take advantage of these cherries health benefits? What health conditions do you hope to treat or prevent by increasing your intake of this amazing fruit on a daily basis? Visit our website with over 200 well-written articles on the subject for all the answers.

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