Choosing the Right Driving School Insurance

Being a business establishment which owns a number of expensive assets like cars, and whose employees face potential risks in their working conditions every day, a driving school must have a watertight insurance. Driving School Amsterdam

While there are many types of insurance policies to choose from it is important to select one that best suits the school. The policy should be comfortably within the budget of the school as well as provide adequate cover. For bigger schools, the number of cars owned and instructors working are greater and their budgets are also bigger. They can go for a comprehensive cover, which saves them time, as the paperwork is less. For smaller schools, individual cover for each instructor and car may be sufficient. Many instructors also opt for going solo into the business. They can opt for the one-day-cover which is short time insurance, running over a short period ranging from only a day to a maximum of 28 days. This type of insurance offers adequate cover if the instructor or the car is being used by a student driver only for a short period of time.

It is also wise to ascertain that features like third party claim and legal assistance are provided by the policy. While on the road with a novice driver, the instructor is not only responsible for the safety of the student and himself but also the safety of other drivers on the road. It also helps if the insurance company boasts of 24 hour assistance. Accidents can happen anytime and getting in touch with the insurance company is one of the first steps that an instructor would take.

Details of the instructor and the learner vehicles must be provided accurately to the insuring company. If the instructor has a record of violation of road rules or even a conviction, it is possible to get insurance for him or her. If the recent driving record has been clean and proactive steps have been taken by the individual to improve skills, an insurance company cannot deny a driver of insurance whilst in the instructor’s seat.

Finally, while choosing the right insurance policy, general factors like the reputation of the insuring company, its claim-to-payout ratio and the kind of insurance policies it offers, need to be investigated and studied properly. Many driving schools prefer to take out their policies from companies which specialize in their kind of insurance. This is an assurance that the company will be around when the time comes to pay in case of an accident or damage to the vehicle or the instructor. As is the case with procuring other insurances, it is wise to get multiple quotes before signing on the chosen one. While this may take time, the Internet may provide quicker solutions, which will actually save the school a considerable amount of money.

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