Classic Game Review: Basket Master 1988

The fourth Dynamic release through Imagine is a one- on-one basketball simulation based around the exploits of Fernando Martin, one of the world’s top players. First out is the Amstrad CPC version, with other 8-bit formats following as fast as possible. Coding and graphics by Dynamic themselves, except for the Commodore, which is by Martin McDonald (also working on Platoon) and Gary Besillo 안전놀이터.

The game can be played by one against the computer or two people head-to-head on three levels of play: beginner, amateur and NBA (National Basketball Association level).Below the main playing area the status panel comprises an energy bar. a personal foul counter, player’s present score, and a timer that keeps track of each five- minute time period – a match consists of two such periods. There are several ways of scoring points, ‘baskets’ (a straight throw within the goal zone), ‘slam dunks’ (jumping up close and slamming the ball in) and ‘rebounds’ (speak for themselves) all score two points, while a throw from outside the goal area – a ‘three point shot’ – scores, suitably, three points.

Slam dunks are the only type of ‘basket’ that is rewarded with a close up slow motion action replay. When your opponent has control of the ball, however, you are not entirely helpless, watch the personal foul counter carefully, and you will see a small basketball icon appear when you are in range to steal the ball from him though watch you don’t foul him as you are disqualified if you do this too often. A much safer way to repossess the ball is to intercept your opponent as he throws for goal. Although given half a chance he will do the same to you.

The inevitable problem with sports simulations is that they tend only to appeal to those who really enjoy the particular sport, possibly excepting the furious joystick- wigglers like Daley Thompson. So unless the implementation is exceptional, the game is unlikely to have mass appeal, and in the case of Basket Master it really is too hard to play and too slow to watch to completely succeed. Added to that Fernando Martin is a great slam dunker and you are often left helpless as action replay follows action replay – an unremitting sight that tends to tedium rather quickly. This game is better played with two human players than playing against computer.

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