Disadvantages of Plastic Container Production

Plastic container is one of the most common types of containers found in our homes, offices or everywhere. We can find plastic containers in different sizes and colors. Different kinds of containers have their own usage. But some containers are more common than the others. One kind of this container is the soda bottle, which is usually found in homes, offices and other public places. These plastic containers are called beverage containers because they are mostly used to hold carbonated drinks.

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DescriptionPlastic containers are made either partially or completely of plastic. We can also find polyethylene terephthalate plastic, polypropylene plastics, low density polyethylene plastic, and polystyrene. These plastics are also found in paper packaging, plastic wrapping, bin liners, cartons, plastic packaging tapes, pharmaceuticals, paints, and other industrial uses. Plastic is an essential ingredient in almost all sorts of household and industrial products. From the food packaging to the office packages, plastics are extensively used thung nhua to dung nuoc.

Identification / Health BenefitsThe use of plastics has increased over the years. These days we can find food containers, baby bottles, water bottles, plastic covers for tobacco and medications, plastic furniture covers, etc. Phthalates are one of the most common plastics that are used to form plastic packaging. Phthalates are known to cause cancer especially in workers who are exposed to high level of phthalates. Phthalates are used in food packaging because these chemicals bind with vitamins and minerals in the food. The bound substances Leach out into the food and contaminates the consumers with toxic chemicals.

Environmental Health Effects One of the most important concerns of people about plastics is their impact on the environment. Plastic is non-biodegradable. This means that plastic will stay in the environment forever if not recycled. Plastic contains chemicals that are harmful for the environment and human beings. These chemicals Leach out into water bodies and the ground and may affect wildlife and the plants which rely on these natural resources for survival.

Food ContaminationThe chemicals used in the process of making food containers Leach out into the liquids or solids inside the food containers after the packaging process. Some of these leaches are carcinogenic or toxic. Leaching of plastics into water bodies has become a major problem in many parts of the world. Some of these have found their way to drinking water and thus led to the contamination of local water supplies.

The plastic containers contain estrogen and progestagens which are known to cause breast cancer in women. These chemicals are also believed to be the reason for increased incidence of uterine cancer among women. In addition, some studies suggest that exposure to these chemicals may cause growth deformity in newborn boys. Other health effects caused by these chemicals include reproductive and behavioral disorders in both children and adults. Hence plastics have proved to be harmful not only for humans but also for the environment as well.

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