Email Marketing: Know Your Stats

OK, so here’s how it goes, you spend days and weeks writing out your Emails, starting from your Welcome Email to the Follow up Emails. You add beautiful images to improve the visual appeal, then you send your Emails out to your subscribers. Phew, you breathe a sigh of relief, all done. Well not quite.

You see, sending out emails is just one part of your Email Marketing Campaigns, you have to monitor the emails you send out to see how your subscribers interact with your emails GoDaddy email login. Ideally, you want subscribers to read your emails and if your emails are not getting read, you have to find out why and fix it. In order to figure out what’s working and what’s not, you need Email Analytics. Email Analytics is very important aspect of your Email Marketing Campaigns but it is mostly overlooked.

Email Analytics are the reports gathered by an Email Service Provider that shows how your subscribers interact with your email. It shows that you emails get opened, links in the emails get clicked and that traffic is generated to your site through your emails. Email Analytics can help improve your content and provide more value to your subscribers. You can measure Email Analytics for your Campaign as a whole and for each email. Here are some Metrics to look at when analysing your Email Campaigns.

Sales Rate – The ultimate purpose of creating an email list is to make more money and grow your business. If you want to know how much revenue you generate from your emails, you need to track the clicks in the email to your sales page. If you sign up with an Email Marketing service that has CRM integrated like Active Campaign, sales would be a lot easier to track. To improve sales, take a look at your Email content, make sure your content addresses the needs of your subscribers, and always look for new ways to pique their interest.

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