Four Common Types Of HIV Tests Available Today

Would you like to know your HIV status? The only way you can know your status is through a HIV test result. Gathering adequate courage to get tested will not be easy. Like many people you could be afraid of a positive result. Despite feeling scared you should be tested to have peace of mind. Besides if you are found positive you will be given counseling and drugs to manage your illness. Also it is important to know that if you were to be found positive you would not be alone. In the US alone, there are approximately 1.1 million people living with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. There are four common types of HIV tests available today. They include the following.

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Antibody – These are the most preferred tests. They are designed to detect the Human Immunodeficiency Virus antibodies. There are two classifications for these tests. The first one is Enzyme immunoassay or EIA antibody HIV test. It uses blood, urine or oral fluid to find the antibodies. A patient must wait for a period of 14 days to know their results. Then there are Rapid HIV antibody tests. These use urine, oral fluid or blood. They are the fastest testing methods existing today. Results are often ready in ten to twenty minutes. If EIA and Rapid HIV antibody tests produce a positive outcome, the Western blot test is often used to confirm this. You will know your results after two weeks PCR test Drachten.

PCR – Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) HIV test is used to identify the HIV virus in the blood. It is very effective even if one is tested in two to three weeks of infection. Physicians apply this method mainly when testing babies that are born to HIV positive mothers. This is because an infant’s blood will have its mother’s HIV antibodies for many months. During this period any standard tester for HIV will show a positive result. PCR tests are used to examine the child’s blood to determine whether it is HIV-positive or HIV-negative.

Antigen – Although very rarely used, an antigen HIV test detects the earliest stage of a HIV disease. It can detect the virus in the blood after one to three weeks of being infected.

Home kits – These are becoming extremely famous today. People use them at home to check whether they have acquired the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. Home testing kits are antibody test systems. It is imperative to obtain an FDA-approved home HIV test kit. Some kits will not give you a direct outcome though. They will require you to collect and send a blood sample to a laboratory. Then at a later date you will be required to pick your result.

If you often have intercourse with many partners, it is important to take a HIV test today. Whether you get tested for free or buy a home testing system the important thing is to know your status. Living in denial will not help you at all. If you really suspect that you have a STD, even if it is HIV, just get tested.

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