Free Email For Corporate Use?

Multiple service providers and ISPs are offering free email for corporate users. Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail are probably the most prevalent email services known to typical users and corporations GoDaddy email login. Statistics show that many small businesses are using these free services for their primary corporate email.

Most of us understand that using a free email service means that you do not have to pay for email service or usage. However, what are the ‘true’ costs of free service? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a free email service? Here are some thoughts to why you need to own or pay for your email service.

One of the obvious advantages of free email service is that there is no cost to having an email address and access to emails. It is very cost effective if you are just looking at the initial investment and do not conduct business via email. If email is one of your primary tools for business, see below.

Another advantage is that you do not have to manage a mail server or anti-virus and spam security applications. All of this is managed by the hosting company. You do not have to hire someone to manage your email server and users.

Storage and equipment needs are significantly reduced with free email services. Most service providers offer virtually unlimited storage or so much storage, that most users will never run out of storage. This reduces the cost of managing and purchasing hardware and networking equipment for email use.

You can also synchronize your free web mail with desktop applications like Outlook, Outlook Express, and Thunderbird. Your users can continue to use their favorite desktop applications for email.

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