Get Out of Your Comfort Zone Challenge

Are you feeling like you are stuck in a rut and not able to move forward? Are you feeling like you keep doing the same things over and over and not really accomplishing anything? If so you are probably stuck. You could be stuck in your old tried and true Y2mate routines, doing the same things time and again and getting the same old results. Maybe what you need to do to get unstuck is to get out of your comfort zone. Maybe you are not getting any new perspectives because you are not encountering new things. Maybe there is no challenge in your life right now.

We get caught up in our daily routines, our comfort zones, and do not realize they are no longer moving us forward. We have gotten complacent and even lazy. Perhaps we are even bored but don’t have the energy to try something new. If that has happened to you I would like to challenge you to get moving and to stretch yourself to get out of your comfort zone. How do you get out of your comfort zone? You do things that are slightly or even somewhat uncomfortable. You try new things. You take some risks. In turn that helps you grow and get new perspectives on the things in your life. Growing and getting new perspectives tend to help get you unstuck from old patterns and old ways of doing things.

What are you going to do to get out of your comfort zone? Think about your social life. What could you do to stretch yourself there? What could you do physically to get out of your comfort zone there? What about emotionally? How could you stretch yourself there? Whatever you do does not have to be dangerous or cost any money. The idea is not to scare yourself or create a new kind of fear but to engage in things you have never done before.

When you think of getting out of your comfort zone you immediately think of things like bungie jumping, parasailing or sky diving. That is fine if you want to try that. But it would be just as good to speak in front of a large group, go to a networking meeting, learn a new skill or hobby or swim a mile. Pick something that makes sense to you. Let it be a step forward that will help you get a new perspective on something or that will increase your confidence. You will be surprised to see how it will help get you unstuck

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