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Pssst. Did you know that China has the largest “net citizen” in the world? 2008 exploded with over 250 million people connecting online. The number of .cn domains registered went past 12 million more names than even every person in Germany. Cybersquating, domain name scams and the usual range of tangled mess ensued. So the question becomes how you can use this giant market without getting ripped off.

The eager beavers who couldn’t wait to domains eventually caused the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) to oversee this industry.

They eventually ruled that no individuals could sell or register domains putting GoDaddy out of the market. I have used domain buying a source for income for the last two years with mixed results. The best part is that people are actually searching for this. I think the new thing will be when Google unveils infinite search on the Google results pages.This year they scratched off the .cn names from their registry GoDaddy email login. The process for getting a .cn domain is now circuitous for businesses and just about “fairy tale” impossible for individuals. If you search Google you can find some companies copying GoDaddy but many of these companies are out right scams and its hard to find a reputable company. A handful of companies like 101 Domain Dot Com, reveals the in depth requirements and offers the needed trustee service. Another company is eBrand services FBS. But honestly these type of companies are diamond rare. SO what can you do to get one of these domains? Most people will go through the trial and error process spending a ton of money. He bottom line is do your homework. Follow the networks of experienced people in the field. Build ongoing relationships in China to speed up the process and stay informed.

Today’s article is about buying and reselling domain names for profit. Buying a domain and reselling it can put lots of profit in your pocket if you do things right.

First you need to know what domain names sell the best. Then you have to know that a small domain name is worth a lot more than a long domain name. For example; would be worth more than For the simple reason of, a small domain name is easier to type in to an address bar. Yes, having a small domain means a lot to a person interested in buying the domain from you.

Then you have to learn about page rank and SEO. Page rank is an important factor when buying or selling a domain name. If the website already has lots of visitors, it will have a higher page rank, thus making it worth more money.

SEO is important; if the domain name can already be found on search engines, it will tend to be worth more money. Some people will buy a good domain name for a cheap price because it has low page rank or low SEO. Then they will advertise the crap out of the domain to make the page rank higher. Then they can sell the domain for a lot more money, making more profit in the long run.

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