Healing Cancer Holistically

There are numerous holistic sources that claim to be healing cancer with varying degrees of success. A few of these report success greater than 90 percent of the time. I have spent years researching and finding the best information available, and have compiled a list of the most important considerations relevant to cancer. I present here a distillation of these factors, as well as a brief exploration of some approaches that would be more likely to fail so these can be avoided.

This article will cover four basic areas:

o How and Why the FDA has Failed Us.
o Holistic Options that Fall Short.
o Comprehensive Holistic Treatments.
o A Note on Allopathic Cancer Treatments.

How and Why the FDA has Failed Us

If cancer can be treated so effectively using holistic means, then why isn’t the allopathic medical establishment using such methods and showing greater success?

As many of us know, the EPA and the FDA have failed us when it comes to cancer. It’s no wonder that one out of three people are expected to get cancer some time in their lifetimes. Such an outrageous statistic is only possibly due to gross levels of corruption in our government.

It is now common practice for pharmaceutical industry executives to gain top posts in the FDA where they are then able to make critical decisions affecting the industry that they are charged with regulating. Then, a couple years down the road, they are offered high-paying positions back in the same industry that they just helped through their post at FDA. The implications of this blatant conflict of interest are obvious. One example of many is that of Michael Taylor who had been a Monsanto attorney before going to work for the FDA. During his time at FDA, he contributed to creating a new FDA policy that deemed genetically modified foods as “generally regarded as safe”, or GRAS. He also wrote the policy exempting biotech foods from labeling. Following his time at FDA, he went back to work for Monsanto – no doubt in a very lucrative position. Searching Google on “FDA revolving door” (without the quotes) turns up 28,900 results.

Consider: We know that money corrupts and that people will do outrageous things for money and power. These things go without saying. With all their science and research:

o Why don’t doctors tell their patients about how cancer loves an acid environment and cannot survive Prostate Protocol in an alkaline environment? Why don’t doctors tell patients to stay away from acid-producing foods and focus on alkali-producing foods? Why not give people lists of these foods?

o With all of the science and research, why don’t they tell people that cancer loves sugar?

o Why don’t they tell people that cancer thrives in oxygen-deprived cells? Why don’t their protocols work more with oxygenating the cells and blood?

o Why don’t they tell you which vitamins and supplements inhibit cancerous growth?
Just imagine, for a moment, if a cure was found. Imagine the possibility that there are currently very effective holistic treatments. If they came into wide usage, imagine:

o All the research grants that would go out the window.

o Think about all the expensive diagnostic and treatment equipment in doctor’s offices and hospitals that would be rendered useless.

o The loss of revenue to doctors and researchers who use such equipment, and the
manufacturers and sales people who sell them.

o The many expensive surgeries that would end.

o The sales of many life-long prescription pharmaceutical drugs would end.
How much money are we talking about? Treatment for one person will typically cost between $80,000 to $160,000. The medical industry represents one-seventh of the total United States Gross National Product at one trillion dollars per year with revenues associated with cancer reaching $400 billion annually. Is it any wonder that holistic options are off the table? The cancer industry cannot make a dime off of broccoli and carrots and vitamins and healthy people. A healthy person is lost profit.

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