How Product Photography Shows Beauty More Than Skin Deep

If you’re thinking about getting some product photography done, then before you do, why not stop and take a moment to consider the benefits of having packshot photography done rather than your standard type of product image?

There is no doubt at all that in today’s image driven world of business and marketing having the right product photography carried out is key to success. There are simply too many corporate messages out there bombarding us all every day for us to take in much more than a small percentage of the messages being conveyed.

That’s why advertisers and marketers have been relying more and more on product photography to do the job. This isn’t just about taking a photograph of the product, it’s about creating an image from the product that sells. This is where packshot photography comes in, because with a packshot it is much easier to get much more for your money, and create more images that sell, rather than just another image which tells people what the product looks like.

The ironic thing is that these days most product photography is not about telling people about what the product looks like. It’s about conveying a message, a mood, an attitude or a style, and it’s about telling the consumers something that is relevant to them, and their needs.

For example, a mobile phone is the sort of product that really benefits from clever product imagery, because whilst many people will have an interest in the way it looks, these days it’s much more about the overall style, attitude and benefits, rather than a simple look. Beauty is much more than skin deep, but product photographs often can’t even scratch the surface.

So what actually is packshot photography, and what can it offer businesses beyond standard product images? The simplest definition of a packshot image is a photograph of a product without any background, providing greater versatility. But since this definition probably doesn’t excite you as far as imagining the possible ways in which packshot photography can help your business market products much fotografia de producto more effectively, let me explain a little more.

A packshot image is achieved in a professional studio, usually against something called an infinity cove. This is simply a smoothly curving, entirely featureless wall, often up to around seven feet, with no corners or edges.

Because it is featureless there is nothing to focus the eye on, and so an optical illusion is created which means that anything placed in front of the infinity cove stands out clearly and crisply, and because the background is smooth and uniform it could be as close as an inch or as far away as a million miles. This produces an image of the product with a clean white background, perfect for including in catalogues or on websites, without the usual distraction of desks or walls.

But packshot photography can be cleverer than that, because photographers can then remove the white background from the product photograph, leaving only the product itself. This can then be superimposed onto almost any background you choose. It could be used as part of a montage of products (a technique used by a lot of catalogue suppliers), or you could superimpose the product photograph on to a background which suits a particular audience, a particular opportunity, event or season.

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