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The absolute most effective way to make long-term profits online is through having your own email list. Many marketers have used email marketing to create long-lasting profits just by sending out a few emails a month and generating leads on a daily basis. What happens when you build a list is that hopefully you build a list of like-minded people with similar interests so you can keep in contact with them. Build a relationship with them and then they will buy your products.

So what are the secrets to pumping torrents of cold hard cash into your account from email promotions? Here, I believe, are the two biggest secrets to pulling in unstoppable cash:

1. Offer amazing value with all of your products, including your free products and your paid products Kickass torrents. These include your free reports, free videos, and the like. My philosophy is this – if someone will not be willing to actually pay for your free product, then it is not good enough. You have to provide amazing value all the way to build up trust with your subscriber base before they will consider buying from you.

2. Send out emails often to your list. It is one of the top email marketers’ secrets that the more you send out to your list, the more responsive it will become thehiltonian. If you email your list only once or twice a month, don’t expect to pull in a staggering income! Email your list at least once a week, or preferably twice a week to maintain responsiveness.

Some people assert that inspired writing can only occur in large blocks. While I understand the source of this belief (I have experienced stretches of hours when I can write no wrong), it’s a myth that isn’t necessarily accurate.

How much time is “large” anyway? Is five hours a large enough block of time? How about eight or ten?

Having a large block of time to write is advantageous in many ways. You get sufficiently warmed up, for one. Given a long enough time, you can also eventually hit your stride. Plus, you don’t have to go through all the trouble of reviewing what’s been written, where you are in the work and all of those activities that come as part of writing in smaller chunks.

In a perfect world, you’ll all have all the time in the world to write in one big torrent. Unfortunately, most of us have responsibilities that stretch far beyond the confines of the writing we produce. As such, rarely do we have large blocks of time to invest in such manner.

Many students who go by this practice usually end up procrastinating till deadline. That’s because large blocks of time are hard to come by. As such, we recommend writing in short blocks of time regularly, such as 1 hour every morning for the next five days, instead of looking for one big block of five hours.

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