How to Apply for School Bus Driver Jobs

I run a small home-based business that has very flexible hours. I enjoy my work, but I’m still in the early stages of building up my income stream and at this point I’m not quite making enough money to pay all my bills. That’s why I need a part-time gig that will allow me to earn extra cash without taking away too much time from my entrepreneurial endeavors. When I read an ad for school bus driver jobs, I knew immediately that I’d hit on something perfect.

Most school bus driver jobs are part-time positions that require you to work about four hours per day. These four hours are usually divided into a two-hour stretch in the morning when you drop the kids off and another two hours in the afternoon when you bring them back home. The time in between the actual driving is usually your own, which means you’d be free to attend to other things. That’s precisely what I want, so I looked at the requirements for school bus driver jobs a bit more closely.

The most significant requirement is a commercial driver’s license (CDL) with a special endorsement for driving buses. Candidates usually take some classes that help them pass the written and driving exams necessary to secure a CDL and the proper endorsements. I’m very confident in my ability to do this, and will start checking around for these classes as soon as possible.

In addition to passing the licensing exams, you have to be able to pass an extensive background check in order to have a shot at getting any of the school bus driver jobs that are available. This should come as no surprise since you’ll be working closely with 包車 children. I have a 100 percent clean record, so I’m not worried about this part of the screening process at all. If you have a less than stellar driving record or if you have any criminal convictions at all, then you probably won’t make it to the interview stage.

And finally, you just need to keep abreast of new school bus driver jobs as they open up so you can submit your application in a timely manner. The best way to do this is to sign up with a service that automatically connects you to nearby schools with job openings or to monitor these openings yourself by regularly checking out the schools’ official websites. Then you just submit your application, go to the interview, and sell yourself as the best candidate out there.

I’m very optimistic about my chances of getting one of these school bus driver jobs in the near future. Doing so will allow me to make the extra money I need in order to cover my expenses while I give my home business some time to grow. If you’re in a similar situation where a second income would help your finances, then I suggestion checking out school bus driver jobs in your area.

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