How To Create A Micro Sim Card

In the event you have a new iPhone 4, you may have noticed that the iPhone 4 uses what is known as a Micro-SIM card. This card is considerably smaller than the one used in the older iPhone 3G and iPhone 2. In the event you want to use an older device, you will have to create a SIM converter in order to get your Micro-SIM card to work in an older device that uses a larger base sd cards for sale. Here we discuss how to create your own SIM card converter.

When creating your own converter, you will need your Micro-SIM and your regular SIM card, an XACTO blade, a cutting mat and a pencil. You will also need the SIM removal tool that comes with the iPhone 4. If you cannot find a removal tool then you can easily purchase one online.

Remove the SIM cards from both phones. With the iPhone 4 it is located on the right side of the phone, while with the older iPhone models it is located in a tray on the top of the iPhone.

Lay your Micro-SIM on top of the regular one. Be sure that the memory pads (gold pads) are lined up as well. Trace your Micro-SIM over your older card, but make sure that they are aligned in all directions prior to cutting.

Once you have traced the outline of your Micro-SIM, you are now ready to cut. Ensure that the lines are straight and everything is aligned first. On your cutting mat, use your XACTO blade to cut out along the outline you traced. Turn the card over and you should see portions of the lines where you cut on the other end. Trace those with your blade to ensure that the entire SIM is cut properly. Pop out the middle of your carved portion and set aside.

Place your Micro-SIM in the hole that you carved out and ensure that it fits snuggly. If you need to cut a little more away from the old card in order for the Micro to fit, do so, but be sure that you do not cut it too far. If for some reason you do accidentally cut too far, use a small strip of tape on the back of the SIM to hold the two pieces in place. You may want to add the tape anyway so that when you go to remove the tray, both pieces come out easily.

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