How to Get Your Blog Noticed – The First Steps

Here are just a few easy steps that can help bring traffic to your blog.

Having a strong theme. Over time this will develop search engine keywords and phrases that will draw search engine traffic to your blog. If you become known as an expert in one particular area, and many of your posts are about that subject you have a lot better chance at drawing return visitors, incoming links, and search traffic.

I recommend posting an entry every few days to keep the blog fresh and interesting Sherry dyson. A lot of times I can find a keyword and build a blog post around it that fits my topics of interest. Other things I like to do are to read other blogs and news sites for interesting tid bits to share with my readers.

Try joining a blogging network. Networks such as Entrecard or Adjitize can drive traffic to your blog. You can find other bloggers with similar interests and visit their blogs. Entrecard traffic can be “drop and run” where they don’t read your posts, but at least it gets you a chance to get in front of them.

Link to your blog whenever possible. Ask people to post a link to your blog and reciprocate by linking to theirs. The best way to get links is to give someone a link first and leave them a comment. If you belong to social networking sites, add your blog to your profile or signature. Comment on other blogs and leave your url as part of the comment. (Make sure its a good fitting comment – don’t spam)

By slowly building content on your blog, keeping it fresh, joining blogging networks, and promoting your blog, you can give your blog all the things it needs to grow and thrive. Getting your blog noticed takes time, but it can be very rewarding to see all those hits in your statistics, comments left to your posts, and even advertising revenue brought in from your blog.

Blog automation is definitely one of the hottest items on the Internet. With so many online writers benefiting from modest paying jobs on the Internet, there is really so much convenience that you can get in the form of automated blogs in the web.

For one, it is very easy to automate blog entries with the help of the powerful blogging tools. These software applications will not only ensure good quality traffic in your site, but it will also enhance the appearance and value of your websites in no time. To automate blog posting, all you need to do is to install this software that will take care of these common blogging tasks that you have been used to accomplishing manually from time to time. Automated blogging will also ensure that your entries are as fashionable and as trendy as possible, which means that you do not have to worry about your content and appearance running out of style.
Automating your blogging sites will also make it easy for you to post entries while you are away, which means that you do not have to visit that website everyday just to update it with the latest news every single day. With automated blogs, you can just schedule your pre-written articles for future postings and let the software worry about releasing them on the scheduled date. Automating your blogs will also keep your site more updated as it will definitely attract more user traffic because it enables you to become almost omnipresent – your blogs are running and working even while you are away for a family vacation.

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