How to Implement Freight Logistics Solutions

“FLS is among the UK’s leading electronic freight forwarders/ distribution management company. FLS provide logistical solutions based on operational, supply chain, and freight logistics expertise. With the ultimate goal of enhancing our customers’ transport service levels while reducing operational and manufacturing costs, FLS provide a full range of transportation services. We are committed to delivering logistics solutions that improve our clientele’s efficiency and save them time, money and valuable resources. Our core values are transparent, adaptable, customer focused and innovative.

Freight logistics solutions

We are at the forefront of digital freight forwarding solutions for companies throughout the world. With over 20 years industry experience, we have developed a world-class delivery system that is accessible to anyone, anywhere, without the need to own or manage a fleet of trucks or staff. Freight logistics solutions from FLS include, digital freight forwarding systems, digital tracking and real-time inventory management, full truck and driver history and pay as you go programs, and a fully integrated supply chain solution.

For organizations looking to reduce costs and improve operational performance, we offer flexible and affordable solutions tailored to suit the needs of our customers. With our global network of over 13 offices, we work with our customers to deliver the highest standards in product and support services. From our warehouse locations in Canada and the United States to our shipping hubs in China and India, we work with our clients to design and manufacture the best products and deliver them to their clients around the world. Freight logistics solutions are designed to enhance the end-to-end supply chain for our clients.

Freight logistics services include the supply chain that includes the handling, storage and shipping of products between an organization’s two destinations. These include the transportation of goods either internally through our facilities or to a third party, either by land, sea or air. Other elements of the freight logistics solutions include warehousing, which refer to the supply of warehousing and delivery facilities that an organization uses to store and handle their inventory; distribution, which involve the movement of raw materials, factory finished goods and finished products to various sales outlets and returns; distribution and marketing, which involve the efficient management of customer orders and billing; and lastly inventory, which include the management of holding, locating and updating inventory.

In order to help our customers streamline their businesses, we partner with them to implement a streamlined manufacturing process and to reduce waste. By implementing the most up-to-date information technology, we are able to help our clients streamline their businesses and improve their profitability. In addition to these integrated solutions, we offer a full range of specialty warehousing and freight logistics services.

Warehousing and freight logistics solutions can provide our customers with effective warehousing arrangements. This may include single-stock or double-stock warehousing arrangements, depending upon our client’s requirements. Some of our common services include Single Destination Point of Sale (SDPS), Single Transfer Point of Service (STPS) and Double Transfer Point of Service (DTSO). Depending upon the type of product our clients are moving, we can also provide specialized services such as air freight, ocean freight and land freight forwarding. We can also offer specialty warehousing and freight logistics services, including refrigerated containers, unloading and loading solutions, palletized and modular packaging, tapered and direct-vent shipping, non-stop transportation and worldwide rail transportation. In addition to these innovative services, we can also help our customers with supply chain restructuring and advanced logistics planning.

In order to effectively manage our customers’ goods in an efficient manner, it is important that we have accurate and up-to-date information regarding their location, stock levels and delivery timeframes. This information is critical for all of our retail warehousing and freight logistics services, including Single Destination Point of Sale (SDPS), Single Transfer Point of Service (STPS) and Double Transfer Point of Service (DTSO). For example, if a customer decides to move their goods to Florida from Canada, we need to know exact arrival and exit times and whether the customer will need any special assistance to drive their car across the border. In addition, we need to know if the customer will be required to make use of special U.S. exit and entry ramps, or if they will be eligible for use of alternative methods of transportation to Canada, such as trucks.

When it comes to our customer’s needs, we take our responsibility very seriously. In order to give our customers the best service levels and to meet all of their custom requirements, we hire the most capable and highly skilled freight brokers and fulfillment services available in the industry. By employing a combination of innovative technology, skilled labor and a thorough understanding of their supply chains, we ensure that our clients get the best service levels and the best value for their money.

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