How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

A popular way to make money today is with affiliate marketing, selling a product or service for someone else and earning a portion of each sale. Affiliate marketing is great because you don’t need to make any products or supply any services, plus you are already supplied basic marketing materials, a website, shopping cart system and everything you need to complete sales. All you need to do is promote: do a few things that work best in your budget range (from free on up).

To do well in affiliate marketing, it helps to focus on a niche so that you have a certain target audience you are continually promoting to with your efforts. And a top niche area that’s hot for affiliate marketing is the Internet marketing arena, because so many online are seeking help with their web marketing; hence it’s a natural fit.

The two basic steps to follow to help you make money with affiliate marketing some Internet marketing products and services are:

1) Find something to sell. A great place to begin is at Go there, sign up for a free account, search their Marketplace and find items to sell under their “Computer & Internet” category f95zone. Look for products that look interesting and that you understand well enough to promote, then click on the “Create Hoplink” URL for the items and get your affiliate code – the code that tracks sales just under your own Clickbank ID so that you earn a portion of each sale into your Clickbank account.

2) Market regularly. You can actually begin right away promoting with free marketing methods like adding your affiliate link to your signature (sig) files in emails, forum posts and other online communications godaddy email. As your sales efforts grow, here are more ways to market:

– Purchase domain names to hide your long, coded affiliate links, and then promote with your domain names.

– Learn to set up your own website or blog, or get a professional one set up cheap at and market your items on your own sites.

– Subscribe to autoresponders like at or and set up a leads capture form on your sites & list the email address in your online communications, inviting people to subscribe. Offer a free ebook or report you either craft yourself or outsource that contains info about your products with links to buy inside. And then when people subscribe, they get the bonus freebie plus a follow up message series about your products, with links to purchase them at the end of each message.

Your computer skills will also play a part in your decision. If you don’t have technical computer skills, then you’ll want one that is intuitive to use and to install. Another thing to consider is integration. Some autoresponder come with the feature to integrate with your shopping cart, so you can send follow ups for similar products and promotions. Some hosting sites such as offer autoresponder services in addition to hosting.

For some money may be critical issue. In this case there are free autoresponders. However, be careful in using these, as they often have to be installed by you and sometimes insert advertisements in your messages. Depending on your type of business this may be distracting, and look unprofessional to visitors.

Many webmasters choose have a third party handle their autoresponders. Services such as Aweber and GetResponse offer excellent subscriptions for a reasonable price. Also, both have tiered pricing, so your price will vary based on the number of subscribers you have. Even in the highest tier, the pricing is still reasonable. If you ever want to go with a self hosted autoresponder, then you can always export your subscriber list, and cancel your subscription.

In choosing an autoresponder, one thing is bigger than anything else and that is to be patient and take your time. Researching what is offered versus what you need can save you money, time, and future headaches.

There is a LOT OF MONEY that can be made through Web Marketing. The concepts are not hard to understand, but you need to have a firm understanding of each aspect of Web Marketing. If you are looking to change your life and become financially independent then go to our website Web Marketing Reference [].

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