How to Select Car Audio Speakers

Installing a new set of car audio speakers should be a very simple upgrade for any car sound system. In most cases it will be a simple job of matching the size, power and resistance (OHMS) of your OEM speakers. Just don’t fall into the trap of attempting to increase the size of your speakers expecting better quality and louder sound. This is a common error which simply isn’t the best way to go.

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The first point to consider is the suggested power requirements of whatever speakers you might desire The best way to compare car audio speakers is to compare the continuous power or RMS of the speakers. You will have to check your vehicles sound system to determine if there is an amplifier or just the source unit powering your speakers. Most OEM premium sound systems have an amplifier incorporated in their setup. You might want to consult your car dealer or a local custom shop to check on this.

Most entry level speakers from the better brands will perform perfectly just being driven by the source unit. But if you are going to invest in high quality car audio speakers, you should really consider installing a power amplifier. No matter which way you decide to go, you will find that just about any aftermarket car audio speaker will out perform OEM installed speakers.

The next thing to consider is finding the correct size speakers for your specific vehicle. There is only one way to ensure you purchase the correct size and that is to pop-off the door panel and actually measure the mounting diameter and the mounting depth of the current speakers. This isn’t too difficult to do and since you will probably want to install your new speakers yourself, the door panel will have to be removed anyway. Be sure to lower your window inside the door and measure the available depth. Many times you will find newer replacement speakers will require a bit more depth then original equipment speakers. But today, many manufacturers are producing shallow mount speakers for even the most difficult installations.

Many car and truck owners opt to move their new speakers from the usual door locations. Doing this also widens your choice of brand and size speakers. There are high quality kick panel replacements which allow the car owner to install his new speakers in the kick panel location. This changes the “sound stage” considerably, thus increasing the sound quality that you and your passengers will enjoy.

Installing car audio speakers is not the most challenging job in upgrading a car sound system. Most people who can follow ‘step by step’ instructions and have a bit of patience will find installing new speakers is quite easy. There are speaker installation videos on the web which will give you some great ideas on how to proceed.

Through the years I’ve learned that upgrading speakers will provide you with the most benefit for the dollar spent. New speakers can make a world of difference in your enjoyment level of your favorite tunes. But remember one basic truth; you get what you pay for. Do not expect a $59 set of coaxial speakers to sound as good as a $500 component speaker set. Shopping online is the only way to go. You can literally save hundreds of dollars over shopping at a local custom sound shop. So go for it and upgrade your car or truck’s speakers and you won’t be sorry.

Computer speakers are an essential part of any good computer setup. The speakers contribute to the whole experience of a great setup. The longer time goes by the more advanced computer systems are becoming and advances usually means more speakers. Anybody will want more speakers but who wants more cables?!

There is a way around the spider’s web of cables. Go wireless. Like everything else, modern speaker systems can do without the connecting wires and simply transmit the sound signals through the air to the receiving speaker. Below we have listed 7 of the best wireless computer speakers.

1. JBL On Air Control 2.4G wireless speaker system. JBL are well known for creating great looking and great sounding speaker systems. This is no exception. Solid build quality and works way beyond the claimed 70 feet range. A superb wireless speaker system.

2. A Rocketfish universal wireless rear speaker kit will add wireless rear speakers to your existing system. They state that the system will work with any existing computer speaker system and we found this to be accurate. Great sound and could be a cheaper option that buying a full new surround sound system. Easy to set up but a wireless remote control would have been nice.

3. Altec Lansing T515 is a small set of speakers from Altec. These are not surround sound speakers but are more like a portable speaker system so no sub and not particularly huge bass but good sound quality never the less. Priced at under ninety dollars makes this a cheap option for a laptop owner.

4. Audio unlimited wireless speakers are weather resistance speakers that can be installed anywhere. Interference free and good sound quality. A problem with these speakers is that there are volume controls on each speaker so it is difficult to get a good balance. They work great at the advertised distance and seemed to work adequately at slightly greater distances.

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