In-Car Entertainment to Make Your Road Trips More Entertaining

With so many resources now available to us, technology is not far from invading everything including our cars. Since people spend a deal of time too in their cars, it is natural to have these moving machines installed with electronic gadgets that serve so many purposes, and entertainment is one of them. In-car entertainment or ICE is the current trend in vehicle options – the system entertains the back seat drivers, and hopefully doesn’t distract the driver. It is especially useful during a long drive or during an excruciating heavy traffic situation.

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Here are some of the gadgets that are available to those who want to upgrade their car’s entertainment system.

In-Car Audio Equipment

The latest models of cars these days have scrapped the cassette player from its entertainment system. Single CD or multi-players are the default with the same FM and AM radio still intact. With the popularity of MP3 players like the iPod, some gadgets can also actually hook them up so the passengers as well as the driver can enjoy thousands of songs from his play list Launch Crp129x Obd2 Scanner.

The speakers also make high quality sound that could make you appreciate the songs much better. For some newer cars, music from the audio system can be adjusted using the clickers or controls that are mounted on the steering wheel.

In-Car TV/Video System

Some SUVs now come with LCDs at the back of the headrests so that the backseat passengers can enjoy some movies or videos while they are traveling. The DVD player in the car is a surefire way to keep the kids busy while you drive. Many car DVD players can also play games with the game controllers as an option.

This feature can only entertain the passengers and shouldn’t be a distraction to the driver that’s why the screens are installed at the head rests. There are some screens that can be installed on the dashboard but that will be dangerous since the driver could be tempted to take his eyes off the road.

Gaming consoles

With the installation of the DVD player in the car, gaming consoles is really not far behind since it could be the next level after you have successfully installed the movie system. If you are clever enough you can hook up your PlayStation into the DVD system too. This just eats up some battery power so check your battery from time to time.

The DVD games have been mention earlier. The controllers can just be connected so that the passengers can start to use up some time playing while they are stuck in traffic or while they are on a long trip to a vacation somewhere.

With the in-car entertainment system still continuously being spruced up, it will not be surprising to find people partying inside the van during a slow traffic movement. Passengers can enjoy the trip more because aside from site seeing, they can catch any movies they missed. With the in- car audio system, a driver can play all the songs he wants to play while driving. He is not restricted to a single CD or 6. He has a way to continuously play his favorites that are all saved in his MP3 player.

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