Is Your Subscriber List on Your Business Blog Growing? It Should Be

One way to tell if your business blogs is doing its job is to see how many new subscribers you are getting. And it is also quite important who your new subscribers are. You may find that several of your subscribers happen to be your competitors. That’s okay, don’t turn them away, you might be able to forge alliances with them, or even use them as a consumer challenge. This way you can develop both of your businesses and have a little competitive spirit in the local community.

What is a good rate of increase to your subscriber list?

Well, obviously it matters if your blog is for business or personal use, or if you run a corporate blog. For personal use, many bloggers write controversial topics and blog posts so they can quickly increase their subscriber list. But you can’t make all of your blog posts controversial, otherwise you will find that when people disagree they will unsubscribe.

Too much controversy on a business blog is bad news, and the same goes for a corporate blog If you have a small business and you get a few new subscribers every couple of days you are doing well. If you have a large Corporation sells a consumer product you may find that you are getting hundreds of new subscribers every day. It is not only important how many new subscribers you get, but also the attrition rates.

If you are losing subscribers you should find out why, perhaps due an exit polling and ask. Sometimes people unsubscribe because they have too many other subscriptions to too many other blogs and they can’t get through all their e-mails every day. It has nothing to do with you they are probably unsubscribing to 10 or 20 different blogs, trying to simplify their life, and you shouldn’t take it personally. Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this.

Listen to any huge over the top success stories and try to find out what you can do to duplicate their success. By all means follow the advice they give but do not expect this suddenly to land you in millionaire’s row, not overnight anyway. It takes work and perseverance to reach these levels but the information contained within The Network Marketing Magazine Blog is a great first step to getting there in style.

There are profiles of various authors on there, and these people are carefully chosen as some of the best in the MLM Industry. Not only do they teach Networking Tactics, commonly overlooked Leadership and Strategic Planning Methodologies are belabored in great detail. It is worth following links to personal websites and company websites to see where and who they are working with.

An online store is available offering a range of products to help you improve your Success, and The Network Marketing Magazine Blog has over four years of experience to offer you, from free articles and resources to the contents of their Online Success Store.

Again, if you choose to buy any of these products you may find some these materials to be very evangelical in spirit, and fully realize the need to personally recalibrate your faith and belief systems that you can make a success of yourself in the MLM Industry. This happy clappy approach may leave you feeling inspired by the time you leave, and may well be exactly the mental medicine you’ve been searching for.

The overall view of The Network Marketing Magazine Blog is that for the MLM Industry it is a very valuable resource, and definitely worth spending the time to have a read. You can sign up for free and get instant access to MP3 Audios and PDF Articles. Lots of great MLM Leaders post content as well and you will definitely find something of interest.

One of the factors I personally live by and that propels my success on a daily basis is the philosophy of continually educating myself. Education should be a fun journey and not just a destination. Time is precious. Each day you wake up you have the option of going through the daily motions or taking small incremental steps on a daily basis to improve your life and to get a grasp of the fundamental knowledge necessary to become a success.

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