Job Listings – How to Get the Job You Deserve

Got an interview call of a dream job? Do everything to grab it! After all, opportunities don’t come all the time.

The steps to get it:

• Take a well made resume: Make sure that your CV is updated. You must prepare it in an organized manner. There are certain things that must be mentioned specifically. For example, you must write the dates of your previous employment etc. if there are any gaps in your employment, mention the reason why you took the break. The recruiters will be interested in the details. And remember, honesty is the best policy.

• Communicate well: What you have achieved in your academic life and in your previous jobs are all mentioned in your resume. Now you need to crack the interview. You must impress the interview with your personality, body language etc. Communicate well through your words, gestures etc. look directly at the interviewer and talk. You can use gestures but too many gestures disturb the listener. Do not stare at the interviewer. This is disturbing for the person.

• Take care of what you are wearing: You should be dressed properly from head to toe. Do not flaunt tattoos and body piercing. They create a hell of a negative impression. You might do everything right but if your for these you may be rejected.

• The dress code: It is very important to follow the dress code. After all, if you are chosen, you will represent the 호빠나라 company in various places. You must go prim and proper to an interview, from head to toe. To give a brief idea about what you should wear:

Shoes: men should wear well polished, formal boots. Women should ideally put on low heeled covered shoes.

Pants: you should wear well fitted trousers, not too tight or too loose. The length of your trouser should not be too long so that you keep dusting the floor while you move. It should not be too short so that it reveals your socks. Try to wear dark colored trousers as they look very professional. The light shaded ones do not look that professional. Make sure your pant in a good state. It does not have holes or any faded spots along its length.

Skirts: the length of the skirt is very important. It should be of knee length. It can extend a little below the knees. There is no problem with that. The skirt should be of dark color so that it contrasts with the blouse that you are wearing on top. The skirt should not be too tight or too loose. A professional skirt should be well fitted.

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