Magnetic Necklaces – More Concentrated Energy

Magnetic necklaces are part of the magnetic therapy line produced by several companies. Compared to others in the same class like bracelets and anklets, experts believe that necklaces are more beneficial since they are worn in a position or place where they can concentrate more energy to vital body organs. Here’s more on the accessory and how you may also benefit.

Info on Magnetic Necklaces

Magnetic necklaces were created in conjunction with magnetic therapy. Since magnets have shown to be quite effective in dealing with several systemic problems in the human body pu belt manufacturer, more and more versions are developed to enhance its so-called healing effects. Necklaces are also bigger in size compared to anklets and bracelets so the magnetic force is also amplified. Most of the magnetic strength will be focused on the head, neck, shoulders and upper back.

The necklaces are closer to vital organs like the heart and lungs so people think that this strategic positioning will do the greatest amount of good to their body. The heart will be able to function better pumping more blood as well as the lungs supplying large amounts of oxygen to different parts of the body. Take note that there aren’t any proven scientific methods or studies that can truly show the true effectiveness of magnetic necklaces and magnets. There are however, millions of people who have reported noticeable and sometimes significant advantages with the application of strong magnetic fields.

Necklace Designs

A variety of materials are used to provide enough magnetic energy to individuals such as gold, silver, stainless steel, tourmaline titanium, hematite and ceramic. These are all magnetized with strengths ranging anywhere from 2,000 to 60,000 gauss. Some experts say that gauss readings are not very accurate since several magnetic points comprise a single piece of charged metal but at least you have an idea about the range of the true strength.

The magnetic necklaces have so many designs so individuals can feel free to choose the right style, color and pattern that suit their lifestyle or the occasion. There are sporty designs made of links that are lightweight with lobster or easy lock clasps. The clasps are very secure with most models also magnetized for extra safety. All components of the necklaces are handcrafted according to the specifications of the buyer. These are all waterproof and never rust or tarnish.

The More Stylish Ones

More stylish designs come with charms or a pendant made of neodymium. The pendant and charms themselves are magnetized providing at least 2,000 gauss. Some manufacturers allow custom-made pendants just for you. You will find wrap-around necklaces, bead necklaces made of hematite and ceramic and studded ones. Some are composed of two or more metals like gold and copper or silver and titanium. These are very durable and elegant which are perfect for any casual or formal occasion. You may also include gemstones like ruby, amethyst or sapphire for more color.

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