Most Popular Celebrity Magazines in Australia

If you were to take a random survey today on the most popular main stream magazines by number of sales whether in Australia or worldwide, it should come as no surprise that a large proportion of the magazines at the top of your survey will be those that cover celebrities or celebrity-relevant news Let’s face it: celebrities, socialites and even overrated groupies make for a juicy read especially when the news is scandalous unfortunately.

Everybody wants to find out what Kylie Minogue has been up to, when the next season of the Neighbours series will be released and which potential blockbuster movie Russell Crowe is set to feature in. Bottom line: celebrity news is big business and magazine publishers know it. In Australia, a number of magazines have firmly established a place for themselves in the hearts and minds of the magazine-reading public.

O.K. is an international magazine but that has a weekly Australia-focussed release. Other than Australia, the magazine boasts readership in 19 countries comprising over 30 million readers. First launched in Australia in September 2004 as a monthly magazine its rapid growth precipitated a moved to weekly publication.specializes in celebrity news and has in particular opted to take a positive angle as far as celebrity news is concerned.

Who Australia is another famous weekly celebrity magazine in Australia. Internationally, WHO magazine is the globally recognized People magazine. The brand name WHO was settled on the realization that there was already a People magazine in Australia and that had exclusive rights to the use of the ‘People’ brand name. WHO covers celebrity news and features. The magazine will frequently include exclusive celebrity interviews, photos, gossip and social responsibility stories.

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