Natural Male Enhancement Foods Vs Supplementation

Believe it or not, many of those fantastic supplement products consist of extracts from vegetables, meats and other regular food items. Some of the most common sources in male enhancement pills are ingredients like zinc, L-arginine, essential fatty acids, B vitamins, and other nutrients.

Foods Rich with Aphrodisiacal Ingredients

What are some of the foods that contain these and other supplemental ingredients? Vegetables like broccoli and spinach are known to help prostate health, while celery, clove and fennel are among the many edible plants that naturally boost in libido. There are also many alleged aphrodisiacs, though some people do remain skeptical about these magical ingredients.

You can’t go wrong with eating supposedly aphrodisiacal fruits like bananas, apples, mangos and pineapples. These are excellent fruits for health all around, and can definitely increase your sex drive if you have a vitamin deficiency Klw gummies. Oysters, lobsters and caviar are commonly suggested as aphrodisiacs, as is honey, the bee-derived sweetener.

Non-Food Source Supplements

There are many other plants and extracts that you can’t find in traditional American dishes. While it’s not possible to list every ingredient that has ever been used to help men get their groove back, let’s list some of the major categories for male supplements. There are testosterone boosters, which might include Tribulus terrestris, Epunedum sagitum and Maca root. There are blood flow enhancers, which allow the penis to become more engorged with blood, and these include Copper chelate, Gingko biloba and L-Arginine.

Other supplemental products might include creatine, which helps muscle building, Omega 3, which allegedly builds sperm count, and Hawthorn berries and green tea, which are mainly overall health supplements and energy-boosters. You might also see ingredients like Bioperine, which helps in absorption.

Absorption is a key issue because the body usually doesn’t absorb orally ingested products very well, not compared with other methods like oil creams and patches. Depending on a person’s metabolism as well as dosage, the body can actually treat excess chemicals and nutrients as waste. So the idea of treating supplements like a “steroid”, (as in more makes you better) is flawed.

Natural supplements are precisely as described-they are naturally based extracts. They may have some basis in science but they are not proven to produce any “hard” results. Just remember, the best buys are natural products that help the body naturally increase blood flow and testosterone. The moment a company starts trying to sell you a “natural” solution that does strange or grotesque things to your body, walk away.

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