Nutritional Benefits Of Cherries

There is a wide array of nutritional benefits of cherries that highly enable individuals to obtain and sustain good health. Cherries are drupe fruits containing one seed and produced by plants of the prunus genes. This fruit is globally grown hence its popularity. Cherries are made up of flavonoid pigments known as anthocyanins which are responsible for its color. These pigments are also powerful antioxidants that play a very important role of protecting the health of individuals from a plethora of diseases.

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Cherries can be consumed either as whole fruits, juice extract, dried or frozen fruit. Furthermore, cherries can be conveniently stored for long periods of time such as a year without spoiling. There are two types of cherries which include tart and sweet cherries. Both exhibit various nutritional benefits of cherries but the tart cherries such as Montmorency have a higher percentage of anthocyanins than the sweet cherries. The anthocyanins move around the body to neutralize free radicals that destroy healthy cells by extracting an electron. This enables individuals to maintain their youthful look even in old age due to elimination of toxins in the body.

Moreover, anthocyanins have powerful anti-inflammatory characteristics thus used to effectively relieve pain arising because of goiter, arthritis, back and muscle pain. Scientific research shows that cherries are able to neutralize uric acid responsible for goiter development. In addition, individuals are protected against diabetes and cancer trĂ¡i cherry. Individuals are also curbed from development of cardiovascular related diseases such as stroke and heart attack. This is because cherries reduce the overall volume of cholesterol and triglycerides in the body.

Among the important nutritional benefits of cherries includes a boost in the energy levels of individuals thereby highly motivating them. As a result, cherries are highly used to naturally treat physiological ailments and fibromyalgia. On the other hand, cherries contain a high percentage of water that plays an important role of enhancing the metabolism process. Therefore, cherries can effectively be used as a variant of weight loss. This is because the metabolism rate increases thereby enabling the body to use up fat instead of storing it. Cherries also have a high percentage of potassium which curbs water retention hence effectively curb connective tissue illnesses and autoimmune ailments.

The other nutritional benefits of cherries include boosting the immune system of an individual due to their vitamin C, magnesium, folate, iron and fiber constituents. Cherries are also among the natural fruits that produce Melatonin. This is the hormone that controls the sleeping cycles of an individual. Enough sleep boosts the immune system, regulates blood sugar content and enables individuals to recover quickly. Therefore, regular consumption of cherries enhances sleepiness during the night and wakefulness during daytime.

Furthermore, cherries consist of phenolic compounds that protect the neurological function and nerve cells of an individual from neurodegeneration. Conversely, cherries are naturally pure thus have minimal or no side effects on individuals that regularly consume them. However, pregnant women should seek medical advice before embarking on a cherry rich diet to get a prescribed dosage.

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