Option Trading Strategy: Back Spread

Option is a very popular derivative because its price is cheaper than other derivative such as future. Blue chip stock is a very volatile stock but it is very expensive. However, by buying option of the blue chip stock, we could earn profit just similarly like buying the stock. Investing and trading option seem to be very easy just like buying stock. However, due to the existence of time value and also the expiration date of the option, buying naked option is very risky. This is because if the stock price is going down a lot just after you have bought the naked option, after a certain period of time, although the stock price has gone up, the option price may still below the ask price that you have used to buy this option. That why we need strategy to invest or trade option. Option is a very powerful tool in investing and trading stock. By utilizing option, we could earn profit from the stock that moves upside, downside and sideway. Moreover, option also could be used to execute arbitrage strategy to earn a profit no matter the stock price is going up, down or sideway nifty option trading.

Back spread is one of the option trading strategies that is quite popular. This strategy is quite similar to a Chinese gambling called big and small. In this gambling, when we stake big and the three dices after shook and opened show the total point is big, we will win one fold of the money that we have staked. That means if we stake 100, we will get back one more 100. But if we loss, we will loss 100. Back spread strategy is quite similar to this gambling game. That means if we invest USD 1000, we either get back one more USD 1000 or loss USD 1000 that has been staked in. The maximum profit and loss is USD 1000. That has fixed. You won’t loss more that that. Actually, back spread is the reversal of the ordinary spread. The maximum profit and loss is not always the same. Sometimes, it will differ a little bit and depend to current price of the stock.

This strategy could be executed by buying out-of-the-money option and selling in-the-money option. Because the price of the in-the-money option is more than out-of-the-money option, the amount of money that has been received after selling in-the-money option will be enough to buy the out-of-the-money option. Although like this, we still need to put an amount of deposit in our trading account and the amount usually is equivalent to the maximum loss that you could incur if the stock price goes to the reverse direction. So, if we are expecting the stock price will go up in the near future, we should buy out-of-the-money and in-the-money put option. Conversely, if we are expecting the stock price will go down in the near future, we should buy out-of-the-money and in-the-money call option. Just for easy to understand, we try an example. Table below shows a list of put options for MMM company stock, which will expire in Apr 07.

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