Out Of Nothingness, Love

A guided meditation from the Carriers of Light

What you are is an unseen being. There is no substance to your Beingness. If you attached a machine to yourself to measure what you are, it wouldn’t register anything. You will never be able to identify yourself with a machine. What you are is not a series of pulses, as can be measured by an electroencephalograph. When we find you, we don’t find energy. There is energy surrounding you, but the substance of you is not energy. You are a being of light.

The light we speak of is not the same as what you would call light: it is a light of consciousness. The substance that you are, the light that you are is a higher kind of light than the light found in the physical world. When you identify yourself as a feeling, as what you feel yourself to be in any given moment, what you are feeling is not the substance of the light of consciousness, but an extension, a projection. When you look for healing, you must look beyond this layer – you must go beyond what you feel yourself to be. We want to discuss healing in this way: you must rid yourself of this outer layer for a period of time each day. Take a moment to exist other than how you usually exist during the day. Take steps to see beyond the surface of what you are.

Now we ask you to relax inwardly. Let yourself fall asleep inside; loosen up your body. Let all that is tight inside you melt away. You will find unsurpassed healing in this exercise.

Inside you is a breath of universal love. Sense this breath; its healing power is burning its way through your being. Sense a soft humming vibration as you feel the power of this soft, warm breath. Ease your consciousness to a lower level, a lower plane… softening. There is a voice inside you: hear what it is saying. This is the voice of your inner being – what you have known as your soul. It is the consciousness that exists without energy, without physical form. It expresses itself, a part of itself, as your Beingness; it becomes the energy that defines you. Hear what it has to say to you. Hear the sound of your soul’s voice, softly humming, breathing your life into existence. Take a moment to consider what it is saying to you.

Your soul has access to every part of you. It connects within you. It can help release the hidden pain and suffering you may have buried from an earlier time. How do you get in touch more often with your soul’s consciousness? Let yourself become still and quiet as nothingness. Find the nothingness speaking to you, for this nothingness is the core of what you are. Let yourself be still for another moment with this nothing. There you are… see how it pours love into you; how at the soul level, all there is is love. This is the primal force. A positive idea becomes love when you manifest it as energy. Begin to manifest positive energy; think of yourself as being full of love. Out of this nothingness comes this primal energy.

This love is what you need to find for yourself. This primary source is what you need more than any other thing, any other experience. Begin here, and all else will flow from this. This love is the flame that makes up the rest of your being. When you seek healing, begin here.

First manifest the nothing, then the love flows from it, and you find yourself caught up in this river of love flowing outward from you in every direction. As you pour out this love it surrounds you; in fact, all that you are becomes caught up in it. Care pervades your being. Lives around you are touched. When you let this force of love pour out of you, you begin to manifest your higher purpose, which is to become one with the universe.

You too will find healing in this, for this love will pour itself into all your hidden spaces. Feel what happens when you open your inner doors to the energy of this love. Take a moment Px7 primal flow to see all those hidden doorways opening, and let the love enter however it will.

Now, be at one with yourself. Carry this peace with you into your day’s journey. Remember to hold the light of these experiences in your thoughts. Remember them today, tomorrow and the next day. We, the Carriers of Light, say to you: Be in peace.

In a Nutshell
Our consciousness has no substance except the highest kind of light.
When we spend time beyond the physical, we are in this light.
Breathe a deep breath of universal love. This is your soul.
Hear the sound of your soul’s voice breathing you into existence.
You are filled with love that flows from you in all directions,
touching the lives of those around you.
Through this flow of love, you are becoming one with the universe.
Imagine all your inner doors opening, and this love making your darkness light.

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