Party Food – How to Organise Fun Food For Little Kids and Control the Sugar Intake

One of many parents’ biggest concerns when organising a kid’s party is the food and how much sugary junk is appropriate. Should we take the attitude that it’s a party, it doesn’t happen every day, so go crazy with the sugary treats. Or do we show concern for the health problems of today’s society and set a good example with lots of healthy nutritional items and nary a red thing in sight.

Well, before even thinking what to serve, how about thinking how to serve it. No matter what food you choose to serve you can at least control the portion sizes by organising the food into equal portions before even putting it on the table.

As you know, kids have a habit of grabbing, so one of my favourite styles of delivery is putting the food in a party box or bag. It works great with younger children as you can make sure everyone gets a bit of everything instead of little Bobby grabbing all the chocolate biscuits before anyone else gets a look in 公司到會. It is also a great way to transport food to a park or other venue as it is already neatly packed away and can all be popped in the boot of the car without mess.

A plain brown paper bag works really well, as long as it is the type with the flat base. You could use a colourful bag from a craft shop or even a small inexpensive basket. I have a collection of these baskets which I picked up for $1 at a discount store. I spray painted them all different colours and my friends and I have used them over.

If using a bag, simply stack all your finger food inside fold down the top and seal with a colourful sticker. Write each child’s name on the bag or box too as this method will enable you to easily cater for specific dietary needs. With a basket, pop the traditional serviette in the base then load up with the goodies, sandwiches, fruit, mini crisp bags, and a cup cake and so on. Talk about easy portion control!

If you are going to use a table you can still have some control over portions by serving the food in one sitting then pack it away when everyone is done. A buffet style delivery works well with teenagers, but leaving food out on a party table can be messy with little fingers around. It also means you can stay in control of who is doing what and won’t be distracted by missing children who are often found raiding the left over crisps…and eating them under the table.

Don’t forget to check with parents before the day them about any allergies or special dietary needs their child may have. To be on the safe side I always recommend avoiding anything with nuts in at parties as so many children these days are allergic to them.

Are you an aspiring businessman with no prior experience or resource to build on? Do you plan on augmenting family income through business ventures? If you are, then starting a local restaurant delivery service may just be the right business for you.

Food is a basic human commodity and it’s a business venture that is always in-demand. Starting your own delivery service allows you some flexibility since you can manage your time and the number of people you want to serve. Also, you can expand later on if your business becomes a success.

Before starting your delivery service, you need to at least have a serviceable transport for you to use. Remember that punctuality is not an option in delivery services. You need a vehicle that is both reliable and fast to economize your time. Less time to deliver means more money to be earned.

Also, start surveying restaurants around the neighborhood. Check how many have takeaway options and how many have none. After which, inquire which of these restaurants want your services. Listing those who have takeaway options and those who have none can help you device a strategy to save on precious time.

Finally, before starting, you must need a good advertising plan to help you bolster your chances. You can start by thinking of a company/business name customers will easily remember and like. Slogans will also help for as long as they’re catchy and unique. Having a phone or cell phone number that can be easily memorized also helps. This way, people will remember your company first before everything else when they want to avail of delivery services.

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