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Surprisingly the more cell phones are growing in terms of their usage and convenience, the situation is becoming critical just like a blockage in the heart. You must be wondering what is so critical about the most user friendly and brilliant invention. It is the text messages while driving which is increasing the danger and threat on human life. The reason is text messages are becoming a big source of distracted driving, bigger than alcohol.

Text messaging is an addiction and people keep hitting their mobiles for texting while driving all the time. There is something so exciting about text messages that people start fumbling around to reply right there without even giving a second thought that they need to be a little less harsh on car accelerator. There is of course no harm in texting while driving if you are going really slow or stop your vehicle to respond to important messages. But driving at 100mph and then expecting the text message to be sent at the same speed while pressing the accelerator at same pace is going to deliver you somewhere else too. So the need of the hour is to switch to Blackberry app and Android App which are specialized in the dimension through which you can read and hear text messages.

BlackBerry and Android apps are the mobile apps which allow you to hear text messages and also convert text to speech. Now you don’t have to take your eyes off the road and you could easily compose the message and hear text messages with the magic of speech. Due to such applications, the use of cell phone is changing to hands free cell λŒ€λŸ‰λ¬Έμž phone. The shift in trend is due to the convenience factor arising for people. These applications are proving the best in increasing the productivity during commute. Now you can use the text to speech feature installed in your BlackBerry or other android supportive devices through which you could easily compose your text by just speaking. Your spoken words would be converted into text and sent to the user. How easy and tech savvy is that? Similarly, if you receive a text message, you could hear it easily without going through a complicated interface and just by one click. This would not require you to take your eyes off the road and gaze at the mobile screen. Just hear text messages easily and stay connected all the time.

These applications are easy to install and very cheap to buy as well. The range of variety is available in these hands free applications by different companies. All you have to do is to go for an application which has a good sound and speech recognition as well. Buy one and make your life easier to read and hear text messages round the clock.

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