Reasons Why You Need To Purchase A No Medical Examination Life Insurance Today

Although many people may want to take life insurance covers, the traditional life insurance policies that require applicants to go through the tedious medical exams have made the application process to be long and tiresome, and this is not very attractive to applicants. Even though this policy is more expensive compared to other policies, the ‘no medical examinations life insurance cover’ has been received with great joy, due to the many benefits it comes with. Some of the merits of this cover include:

The application and approval processes do not take a lot of time

The reason behind the speed of the process is the elimination of the lengthy medical examinations that are characteristic of other policies. You do not have to visit or accommodate paramedics and other health practitioners in your house for physical examinations, which may at times be uncomfortable for some people. Approval may just take one to two days, while in the case of a medical examination life insurance, it may take a couple of months for the cover to be granted lam bang gia.

Simple and easy to understand procedures

Little paperwork comes with simpler procedures. Surprisingly, in the case of some companies, there is no paperwork involved at all. They just need a little information about you and after entering the data in their system, you can go home with the assurance that you have a life insurance cover. However, this may not be the case with other covers.

Your health status is not a limitation

For a very long time, many people have failed to obtain life insurance covers because of their health status. Although a medical report from your doctor may be required by some of the insurance companies, physical examinations are not necessary, thus your present health status may not restrict you from getting a cover.


With the rapid advancement in technology, and since no physical examinations are involved, applying for the cover online is now possible. Payment as well may take place online due to the increase in online payment methods, and where necessary, telephone conversations come in handy. However, this is not possible where medical examinations are compulsory.

Occupation and Lifestyle

Whereas a professional skydiver or scuba diver may fail to acquire a life insurance cover due to the high risks that each of them encounters daily, this option does not restrict them from getting the above coverage.

You do not need to move from where you live, quit your passions, or go through lengthy, tiresome and complex procedures just to get a life insurance cover, since the no medical examination cover is available for you.

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