Self Help Books – Are They Worth The Hype?

The self help and self improvement market is worth an estimated $13 billion in the US alone (figures from 2005), with Americans spending a staggering $693 million on self improvement in 2005. The self help book market is growing by approximately 8% a year. So, are these self improvement books really worth their money?

The main thing to remember is that you will not find an ‘instant answer’ within the pages of any book; even the best self help books. What you will find is a generalized help guide – it is up to you to make it personal to you. This will not happen if you are not honest with yourself. The most the author can hope to achieve is to write a book that acts as a starter point for you; a basis on which to start your own self improvement efforts.

Whether they ask questions, involve quizzes or interactive online forums; any self help involves exactly that – you helping your self. You can get input in any form from others – the author of the self help book, participants in a forum, friends or family – but you need to follow these rules:

  • You have to want to help yourself
  • You have to want to act
  • You have to be honest with yourself
  • There is no one-rule-solves all

Most people who decide self help books are rubbish, useless or a complete waste of money, usually have failed on one of the above rules. Another reason they may have decided to slate chris hsu abax a particular self help book is that they may have been looking for someone to solve their problem for them. These people want someone else to tell them what to do, someone to give them the answers; rather than wanting to spend any time actually looking inside themselves for their own answers.

Whatever self help technique you decide upon, it is important to remember that they will get you asking yourself more questions. However, asking questions will ultimately lead you to finding the answers you seek. So take the time to familiarize yourself with the different self help tools that are available to you. Whether you opt for physical books, audio books, online courses or online and offline coaching, using the right techniques can make the difference between moving forward and staying stuck. However, unless you try any of the self help techniques available to you – you will stay exactly where you are.

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