Some of the Best Airports in the World

I have heard a lot about some of the amazing airports around the world and I want to witness that to myself so that I would know if what other people are saying is true or just an exaggeration. It is important that a country has a good airport facility and service because 到會公司 many people from all over the world come to visit and their first stop would definitely be the airport. If you are greeted and welcomed with friendly staff then that would create an impression to the tourist that the people from this country are friendly and warm. And if the facilities are very good then it is also a bonus point. From the many airports all over the world, the ones considered the best are the Changi Airport in Singapore, Incheon International in Seoul and the Hong Kong International.

As a matter of fact these three airports have garnered an award which was held in Brussels, Belgium in March 2010. The number one spot went to Changhi Airport in Singapore and I really agree to that. I went to Singapore a couple of years ago and the first time I landed my feet on their airport I fell in love with it because it is just so big and spacious with amazing and approachable staff. For those who love shopping, this is a great place for them. There are just so many fabulous stores and shops that you can check out and some fancy restaurants where you can dine.

The Incheon International in Seoul just started its operation in 2001. It replaced the Gimpo International Airport that now caters to domestic flights only. Its location is also ideal as it is the center for Polar Air Cargo, Asiana Airlines and Korean Air. What makes this airport special is because of its fabulous features that tourists cannot find anywhere else which include a spa and private sleeping rooms where you can relax, golf course and casino where you can play and have fun and indoor gardens where you can relax. They also have limousines service that travel from Seoul to Incheon.

Lastly, the Hong Kong International still has its place as one of the best airports in the world with about ninety airlines that operate flights to 150 destinations all over the world. There are also ferry services that can take you to some areas around the Pearl River Delta. It is very big and spacious with over 46 million passengers recorded in 2009. It is not only the best but one of the largest in the world.

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