Stop Snoring in Women

Oftentimes we read about a lady complaining about her husband or boyfriend who keeps her awake because of his loud snoring. It almost seems that the snoring problem is a male phenomenon. The truth however is that a lot of women are also guilty of this offence. Studies have shown that at least a quarter of the female population is actively involved in snoring.

Snoring in women as well as men is caused by an obstruction in air flow through the mouth and nose while sleeping women vibrator. When the nose is partially blocked as a result of colds or allergies, the individual is forced to supplement his breathing through the mouth.

Now the throat is surrounded by soft tissues or palates which when relaxed narrows the airway. If air is passing through this narrow airway, its force causes vibrations to occur in the tissues thereby producing a snoring sound.

That is why, to stop snoring in women, health products have been formulated to decongest the nasal airway and keep the throat open to enhance proper breathing.

A few of the products for nasal decongestion are the BreatheRight nasal strips, Nascivent tube, Snorepins and anti-snore sprays. These help to correct the problem of a blocked nose, freeing it from any mucus or sinus obstructions.

For the throat there are dental devices that position the mouth and jaw to create more room for air passage. Such dental devices to stop snoring in women are known as mouthpieces. These mouthpieces are fitted into the mouth and take its form there. They position the mouth in such a way as to encourage the smooth flow of air.

There are two main categories of this dental device. One is known as the tongue restraining device while the other is the jaw retaining device.

The tongue retaining device pulls the tongue forward and keeps it in that position. It is made of soft plastic that has a tongue shaped suction cup. The grip on the teeth is what holds it in place. The jaw retaining device to stop snoring in women is called Mandibular Advancement Device and functions by holding the lower jaw forward.

Understanding a woman’s sexual pleasure can be difficult, for both men and even women themselves. After all, many women fail to achieve orgasms through sex. These tips are for men and women who really want to enhance a woman’s sexual pleasure.

  1. Remember a woman’s whole body is her sex organ. For men, sexual pleasure is generally limited to one area (and I’m sure you know where that is!). But for women it is very different. Their whole body is filled with nerve endings that create a sexual response. Spend some time seeing which part of your female’s body responds to touch. Some women have even reported having an orgasm just by being kissed or touched on their neck or nipples!
  2. Try an inner leg massage. The whole area – from the toes to the tops of the thighs – are very sensitive for a woman. Have your partner lie on her back with her legs relaxed and slightly apart. Start at the toes and work your way upwards, paying particular attention to the ankles, knees and inner thighs. See where she tingles the most!
  3. Find the G spot. The G spot is a small area (about the size of a coin) about two inches inside the vagina on the outer wall. If you put your index finger inside her and make a stroking motion towards you (as if beckoning someone – you should be able to feel it). It may feel slightly rougher than the surrounding tissue. Stroking it or pressing firmly with one hand while you stimulate the clitoris is one way to really intensify a woman’s orgasm. There are also some vibrators and dildos designed to massage the G spot which can be very effective.
  4. The ‘neck to nipples’ technique. The area between a woman’s head and breasts can be extremely sensitive. Use your hands, mouth and even your hair to explore the area thoroughly. Kissing and gentle nibbling can and to the range of sensations. Few men spend enough time in this area, yet it is one of a woman’s most sensitive zones.
  5. Stimulate her brain. The brain is perhaps a woman’s most overlooked sex organ. Imagine that you are making love to her mind. By being playful and flirty you will arouse her emotions, a strong component in a woman’s desire for, and pleasure of, sex. Women love ‘dirty’ talk; if you’re shy try texting or emailing, or leave a voice message on her phone. Women are much more emotionally driven than men, so if you can connect with her emotions you will truly be a masterful lover in her eyes.

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