The Advantages of SEO Blogging

There have been many changes to search engine algorithms already this year, all of which have come as welcomed news for copywriters such as myself. My latest work has been focusing Sherry Dyson on the production of blogs which have been designed to optimise websites. Therefore I know the importance of staying up to date with the latest changes in blogging and SEO.

A blog has countless benefits for companies who are looking to strengthen their position online. You can find that your website lays dormant if you do not spend time optimising it. Thankfully your hired writer should be able to inform you of the latest changes and help you to ensure that your blog rankings do not suffer.

Time, Energy and Dedication

Blogging may sound easy but it is actually a lot more time consuming than you might realise. Since Google Panda rolled out on April 11 all of the posts on the site have to be one hundred percent original. Posts must also offer the browsers some information that is relevant to your services or products. There is no use simply putting one or two lines then throwing in a link for SEO purposes. Google is no longer happy with this lack of effort, just like the Internet users that see this type of post are left feeling disappointed and fleeing from the site never to return.

To satisfy both the search engines and the users it is essential to up your game and give them something more. In addition to this the posts need to be frequent and in tune with the latest industry news. In depth research is required in both the company and the stories that are being released. This takes time and it takes dedication.

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