The Antidote to Exam Anxiety

In the spring of this year, a bright young woman came to seek my help for severe exam anxiety Security+ certification. Considering she had a four-hour round-trip drive to get to me, we conducted a single session, six months prior to her exam, to uncover, shift and release the root cause responsible for her unexplained anxiety.

A straight-A student through the course of her youth, she never worried about exams and succeeded effortlessly until she suddenly became plagued by acute anxiety shortly after starting medical school. She couldn’t comprehend what caused such radical shift in her abilities and performance. Her symptoms were so severe, she experienced debilitating panic attacks during examinations, paralyzing her capabilities and rendering her unable to think, process the information and perform appropriately.

The anxiety built within her chest, prompting shortness of breath and moist palms. Mounting panic rushed through her, tears bursting through her eyes, as her thoughts spun out of control telling her she would not be able to do this. Her condition worsened as the test progressed, culminating into a debilitating panic attack rendering her entirely unable to perform. For the first time in her life, she was unable to maintain her academic excellence and failed her Medical Board Examinations two years in a row before ending up in my office.

In a state of hypnosis, she was brought to the situation triggering her anxiety: sitting in an exam room, in situation, attempting to take her Medical Board Exam for the third year in a row. Instantly, she began exhibiting the symptoms she had described: overcome by spasms, hyperventilating, crying, her body curled up into a full-blown panic attack. As soon as she connected to the anxiety she experienced during examinations, we age-regressed her panic to its original cause.

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