The Dangers Of Offering Too Much

Too many times, we think that offering a lot of varieties to our existing product line is beneficial. The more choices we give to our target audience, the more they’ll appreciate it, right? Dead wrong. While having a wide selection for your customers to choose from might seem like a good idea initially, this can actually ride against your favor in the long run.

How so? Let’s say you’re one cool dude who designs kickass shirts to sell online. You’re such a creative genius that your collection just grows and grows KICKASSTORRENT. Chances are, when you look at your analytics, you’ll see that you have generated a lot of traffic but not as many conversions. Sure, people will love clicking the time away as they browse through your collection, but with the distracting variety, they’ll end up more confused about what they want than when they first started and won’t end up with a purchase.

So what do you do if you feel that you’ve saturated your audience to the point of harming your sales? First, review your portfolio kickass movie 2. Then look at your reports. See which ones are not as popular and pull them out. Only leave the ones that are making money for you.

With more specialization in your items, you’ll most likely attract those who are actually looking for your product. And if you’ve done your homework, you know that the more specific your product gets, the more you’re likely to get the attention of those who are ready to buy your product.

And what do you do with the other items on your list? Well, you do three things to them: 1) You can pull them out and trash them; 2) You can include them as freebies for main purchases or 3) You can create an entirely new website for them and promote them as an entirely new line. Number 1 is of course, obviously the least profitable. If you plan to do number 2 and still want to earn minor profit from it, you can simply raise the price of your main item just a wee bit. For the third option, make sure that they have the potential to be profitable when marketed aggressively and in a whole new light.

In choosing the products you want to offer to your customers, let good sense be your guide. Until you’ve had requests for more options, it would be wise to set limits to your line. You could hurt your sales by offering too much.

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