The Different Types of Gameness GIs

When man started clothing his body, his needs increased and little by little he went on to create ‘covers’ or clothing for almost everything. Clothing was a need to protect itself from the vagaries of weather as well as to provide him with a protective covering to prevent any probable damage to the skin. Then the clothing followed into sports as well.

Sport specific clothing was required as not every type of clothing could be worn while playing a sport. Martial arts are one of such sports that require a very tough but lightweight fabric. The clothing should also be such that it gives the fighter full freedom of movement and at the same time protect the fighter from bruising (from the fabric as well). Though the exterior of the GIs may appear coarse, but in reality they are well suited to handle the extremities of such action sports 메이저사이트.

Gameness GIs

Gameness is one such company that delves in developing fine martial arts clothing for the practitioners of the extreme sport. Their toughness is validated by the fact that the uniform can handle even the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or BJJ, as it is popularly known as. Not all GIs qualify as martial arts specific – be it then MMA or karate or even BJJ. Today, in the market there are so many choices on the brand of GIs that it is really difficult to zero-in on one purchase. However, to make things easier for yourself, you can always refer to the sport rulebook that you’re practicing. It will give you an insight into what should be the type of uniform. It will surely help you eliminating choices and then purchase just the right clothing.

Picking Your GI

After you have known the brand you want to purchase your GI from, it should not much difficult to take your pick from the manufacturer’s range. Depending on the depth of your pocket, you can simply choose to go for an entry level GI or even the ones which are used by hardcore professional martial arts practitioners. Considering all the manufacturers of such sports clothing, Gameness is a good option to look forward to. It claims to have the widest range of GIs suitable for mainly the BJJ.

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