The Magic Of Packshot Photography – Or The Misdirection Of Selling

Packshot photography is very much like 手機拍攝技巧 a stage magician performing an act. You think you’ve seen everything, but you haven’t, and it’s the bit you didn’t see that’s the key to the success of the trick.

Almost every professional catalogue photo is a little like a magic trick, and every professional photographer a magician. Just like with most of the magic tricks you see performed on stage, there’s a great deal of skill involved, and a lot of hard work, but the real trick is to make all that hard work and effort look simple, and effortless.

The trouble is that this apparent effortless simplicity can make many people think that there actually isn’t much to the process of packshot photography. This in turn can result in many people taking creating each catalogue photo themselves, often with fairly disastrous consequences.

It’s funny, because if these people saw a magician effortlessly saw a woman in half on the stage, it’s unlikely that they would happily place their loved one in a box and hack through nonchalantly with a Black and Decker. Well, perhaps some would, but the point is that just because it looks easy, doesn’t mean to say that it actually is, and this is very true when it comes to the world of the catalogue photo.

If you glance through a catalogue or brochure, you’ll almost certainly find that, like most people, your eye is drawn to the products. They all look so inviting, almost appearing to jump out of the page at you. They clamour for your attention, almost seeming to speak to you. You find your hand absent mindedly going for your wallet… you’re virtually sold. The power of a really first rate catalogue photograph cannot be underestimated, and it is this skill which is so hard to emulate for someone who is not a professional photographer.

Part of the problem is that modern technology has turned everyone into a photographer. Mobile phones now have better quality cameras than top of the range digital cameras of just a decade ago. I remember speaking to a professional photographer about 10 years ago who was marvelling at the fact that it was then possible to purchase a digital camera with a staggering 9 mega pixels. My mobile phone now has 10. With digital cameras, mobile phones, disposable cameras and a whole heap of graphics software, everyone is now a photographer.

At least, that’s how it looks. But give someone a magic wand, a top hat and a rabbit, and they do not miraculously become Paul Daniels, David Copperfield or Wayne Dobson. Give someone a pack of cards and a pair of sunglasses and they do not become an international poker champion. Give them a chess board and they’ll be unlikely to beat Deep Blue at chess. Yet people seem to think that given a mobile phone with a camera, and a computer with some graphics software they will instantly become a hugely successful and highly effective photographer, able to take on packshot photography with ease.

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