Understanding Endoscopic Spine Surgery – Is It the Right Choice for You?

Getting news that you need spinal surgery can be quite a daunting experience. There are so many risks associated with any surgery to the spine that it’s imperative that you understand what surgery you are having and how it will be performed.

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These days most surgeons try and manage your surgery using minimally invasive techniques, often referred to as “MISS,” which stands for minimally invasive spinal surgery. With open surgery you will be subjected to a long incision and the skin and muscle is pulled away from the area being operated on to give the surgeon access to the site and help them perform the surgery. This should be a last resort or only considered in the event that the surgery you require cannot be performed using endoscopic spine surgery ophtalmologues Courbevoie.

The benefit to this particular type of surgery is that the risk of damage to the muscles surrounding the spine is reduced. With open surgery, the risk of muscle damage is exceptionally high, but with endoscopic spine surgery you will find that the chances of you struggling with muscle damage is greatly reduced, which is a major benefit on it’s own.

Further another benefit to endoscopic spine surgery is that the pain after surgery is dramatically reduced. As you can imagine, after open surgery you are not only dealing with the pain of the work that has been performed, but also with the sensitivity caused by a long incision and stitches. With endoscopic spine surgery you will have one or two small incisions to manage, which can help you speed up your recovery time considerably.

During surgery, the surgeon will use specialised instruments to access the spine through small incisions. The instruments help the surgeon pinpoint the problematic area and repair any damage. This also helps reduce the risk of heavy bleeding and keeps the area clean and clear for the surgeon to work with complete ease and confidence.

What many people appreciate about endoscopic spin surgery is that you will have a shorter stay in hospital. Let’s be honest, no one enjoys spending time in a hospital bed and you will find being able to go home to your own space and comfort can speed up your recovery time considerably.

It is important to note that not all spinal surgeries can be treated in this way and some do require open surgery. In the event you have been advised that you need spinal surgery, discuss the options with your surgeon. Remember in most instances it is your decision on whether to go ahead or not with the surgery. See if endoscopic spine surgery is an option with your particular condition to reduce your stay in hospital, reduce post surgery pain and help you recover that little bit faster.

Remember there are a few things to take into consideration when it comes to endoscopic spine surgery. You have the right to ask your surgeon about their experience, whether they will be performing the surgery and ask them to explain the surgery in detail, putting your mind at complete ease.

Ask your surgeon how long they will keep you in hospital and when you will be able to return home. It is also always worthwhile to identify how long recovery will take, giving you the ability to book your time off work and ensure that you have help at home to assist you when you first get out of hospital to ensure that you know exactly what to expect moving forward.

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