What Are the Best Email Designs and Why They Work

Email marketing is one of the most commonly used digital marketing tools. As the number of emails read on mobile phones and tablet devices grows each day, it’s crucial to utilize responsive email design. If you are focused on increasing your visibility on the Email1and1 market, you will want to check out our list below. We went out of our way to find the best email designs, ones that utilize email design best practices and work great on any device.

Depending on the device that people use to read their email, the design and content may be changed by the device to fit its smaller screen. Most devices will try to help the user read the email in a clearer way, and hence change the design. Trying to optimize an email message, the user’s device may make font modifications, change image alignment or even delete some images.

While the device manufacturer has good intentions, it often means that what the user sees isn’t what you intended when you designed that email on a computer screen. Modifying the email design changes the intended visual communication of the message that you wanted to send.

In order to make sure that all your communication efforts will reach your audience, you need to take care of this problem. You want to make sure that your design is “responsive” and adjusts to each device by itself (so that the device doesn’t have to force-adapt and ruin your design).

The best email designs are the ones that are both highly responsive and easy to read. If your email design is optimized for various devices, it’s easier to distribute the information to the recipients you’ve targeted.

This is why responsive email significantly improves customer experience. Positive user experience further leads to a higher conversion rate. So, a responsive email design increases the chances of higher profit. It makes it more likely for your email recipients to consider buying your product or service.

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