What Are the Typical Gemstones Used in a Sapphire Engagement Ring?

The sapphire engagement ring is an alternative to the more common diamond engagement rings. A sapphire can be cut into any style, shape, size and color and it is rare that a sapphire engagement ring will have a cut other than a princess cut sapphire engagement ring. There are also sapphire engagement rings with emerald green centers, but they do not have the same look as the green counterparts do with sapphires.

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Sapphires are believed to be of Vedic origin. This is based on the belief that the planets Mercury, Venus and Mars were linked in a weaving pattern. These three planets are often found together, and have a good fortune for those who marry either of them. This is a strong indication that sapphires have some sort of power. In fact, many sapphire engagement rings reflect or combine parts of astrological signs.

Sapphires are also linked with regal figures such as Queens Victoria, Queen Elizabeth, King Edward and even aristocracy. This association is further reinforced by the fact that sapphires were often used in the crowns of those who were prominent in history. A sapphire engagement ring represents strong possibility in most cultures because of the role these stones play in weddings and royalty.

Many people believe that the color of a sapphire engagement ring reflects its owner’s personality and characteristics. Most blue sapphires are thought to symbolize peace and happiness. Pink sapphires symbolize joy and love. Brown blue sapphires are said to represent ambition and valor.

The center stone of a sapphire engagement ring may vary in size and shape. Usually the larger the better, because the bigger the center stone, the more is the power of the gemstone. It can also make the ring stand out more compared to smaller diamonds or other stones. But, most sapphires are best fit with round diamonds, regardless of shape or size.

The sapphire engagement ring can be set with one or more precious stones. Commonly the center stone of this type of ring is round in shape and has a total carat weight. Other popular stones used include amethyst, aquamarine, blue topaz, carnelian, diamond solitaire, garnet, jade, kyanon, labradorite, pink topaz, lapis, net, pearl, rose quartz, rhodonite, sandstone, rose quartz and titanium. These are just some of the diamonds that are often included in these types of rings. Sapphires, though, are often used as the main gemstone of the setting.

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