What’s This Ringing in My Ears All About?

Maybe you used to get that sudden ringing or high pitched buzzing sound in your ears for a few seconds at a time and just shrugged it off as something or nothing. However you have noticed that it lasts longer nowadays and is proving to be more of an inconvenience. This has probably prompted you to wonder what’s this ringing in my ears all about? This article will give you an overview of this problem and suggest some possible remedies.

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Ringing the ears (or any odd noise like buzzing or popping) has no external source. It appears to be coming from inside your head and can interfere with your hearing and get so bad that it makes it hard to concentrate on things you are doing. It can get especially bad at night as it will interfere with your ability to sleep and get a good night’s rest. This condition, or rather these symptoms, are known as tinnitus nhẫn mỹ là gì. It is not a disease in it own right, merely symptoms of some other ailment that are manifesting themselves through your hearing.

In most cases, tinnitus is caused by damage to the ears. Principally, damage to the fine hairs in the cochlea in the middle ear. This damage can be caused by injury or accidents involving the head. More than likely however, it is down to loud noise.

This is apparent when you have experienced a live music show or some other event that has loud noise as part of the entertainment. The next day your hearing might have that tell tale buzzing or ringing sound in the ears. If you are fortunate, the ringing will subside and eventually stop after a few hours or maybe days.

However, for many, damage is accumulative. This means that the middle ear suffers more damage as we age, until it gets to a point where the ringing in the ears does not go away after a few days. It is with you all the time and can make your life a misery.

The best remedy for ringing of the ears is prevention before the problem gets too bad but most people only start thinking about tinnitus when it has got too bad. In these cases, other treatment options include helping the middle ear to heal and minimizing conditions that will make the problem worse.

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